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December 4, 2010

thematic emergence and regeneration * long piece with treble events
against virtual chord (continuing, emergent 'micro-events,' modal
clusters) tune w/ string slide
accompaniment octaves

(1949 di Giorgio classical guitar)

* Regeneration

A beam of neutral kaons decays in flight so that the short-lived KS
disappears, leaving a beam of pure long-lived KL. If this beam is shot
into matter, then the K0 and its antiparticle _K0 interact differently
with the nuclei. The K0 undergoes quasi-elastic scattering with nucleons,
whereas its antiparticle can create hyperons. Due to the different
interactions of the two components, quantum coherence between the two
particles is lost. The emerging beam then contains different linear
superpositions of the K0 and _K0. Such a superposition is a mixture of KL
and KS; the KS is regenerated by passing a neutral kaon beam through
matter. Regeneration was observed by Oreste Piccioni and his collaborators
at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Soon thereafter, Robert Adair
and his coworkers reported excess KS regeneration, thus opening a new
chapter in this history. [ I'm not thinking of an analogy or model, only
of forms emergence and recapitulation, processes whereby phenomenologies
of mind might find parallels. ]

as above, so below

(Fau Ferdinand, Julu Twine)

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