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December 5, 2010

The image of an angel is an angel.

The image of an angel is an angel. (Amy in Doctor Who)

nujulu imagining from OpenSim, various locations.
the image is always in negotiation with the software.
The image of an angel is an angel.
The image of Julu is Julu.
Think of this as _ikonicity doubled_ which is inherent in the virtual.
Why haven't we thought of this before?
The indexicality of the image folds in on itself, transforming into the
virtual materiality of the representation; think of this as a resonant
object whose reality is its virtual materiality, the virtual materiality
of the fold.
The Baroque fold is always accompanied by _mirrors._
Nothing is realized; reality is simultaneously represented, held in
abeyance, presenced, present, an inverted subjunctive.
or something is always _a-miss._
( think of cosmology's holographic model of the universe; think of an
obdurate ontology of information; think of the genidentity of information;
think of information _all the way down_ (of culture _all the way down_)
(of cultural formations), you're on the right track, you're almost there.
or something is always _a-miss._ )

3 guzheng pieces

3 guzheng pieces

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