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December 6, 2010

hermes as alan dojoji transforms into hermaphrodite
after melding among julu twine objects dojoji first
appeared as female in open sim; i kept the female
'skin' which now covers a male body. hir movements
are also 'male' as far as open sim is concerned.
the first part of the video is twine in dance
among a thick set of objects, as if in preparation
for dojoji's transformation.
the image of an angel is an angel: julu twine's
wing-objects reflected in open sim's water.
from the viewpoint of julu, her body doesn't exist;
however the water carries the charge of the body.
this is the opposite of vampirism, where the body
appears in 'reality' but isn't reflected.
what are the consequences of this ontology?

(below) here are detailed film stills; the first
group of images present twine with her wing-objects
and thick set of external objects and emissions,
and the last two are closeup images of alan dojoji
among them.

3 sl videos* finding a place to sit last install amazing sim disappearance crash

unsitting from opensim, at the time i couldn't change julu twine from
female to male or alter her appearance (different now) - this is unsitting
action; swsw may be the last installation of mine in sl for some time
(we're losing east of odyssey and odyssey as i've mentioned before).

5 shaman songs 4 helena

viola 1-3, violin 4-5, repetitive structures, breathing, bass grounding,
what started me in this direction, listening, incapable of figure,
magatama, ecstatic ground towards earth, 1 came this afternoon, from on
high, yes, 2 emerged from 1 glissando, 3 from 1 on high, 4 from awakening,
5 from 1 on high, doubled figure, 1,2,3,4,5 through fugue state, through
static real, through world music ruins, through field practices and
theories, through nice day when the way of the pipa book arrived

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