The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

December 11, 2010


composed with unified historic debris

the image is Kira Sedlock in Braddock, PA
the generators are in Second Life Odyssey (active)
and OpenSim Odyssey (passive)
the backdrop of the image is a small marsh and pond
the image is generated by surrealist fauvist dada
  transformation of mobile objects running without
  friction and with the slightest response to the wind
the wind seems gone from OpenSim but it might be me
the wind seems everywhere in Second Life, a premonition
oh for the telling of tales of the everywhere wind
and I find myself covering the silence with sound
and this sound is from elsewhere,
  fecund with the historic
Kira Sedlock goes round and round
there's no stopping imagemachine Kira Sedlock

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