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December 26, 2010

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one comment 'pretty strange'

inside the mountain

the meerkat viewer allows camera views of the landscape interiors.
we journeyed through the mountain and julu twine remained outside.
we commanded hir to sit on the objects inside the mountain.
julu twine cannot move through the rocky mesh and is jounced.
jouncing takes the avatar to the sea bottom and the video ends.
following then are stills of julu twine outside, objects within.
julu twine cannot see the objects but you can.
you can see the objects and julu twine together.
more phenomenology of virtual worlds to which i am dedicated.
it's as if i present to you all the conceivable anomalies.
look it's as if i am saying i'm smarter than the avatar.
it's as if i am saying what a tangled mesh we weave.

two virtual danceworks

two work of dance with Sandy Baldwin assembled from the archive.
I love these - the music of Sandy's texts, the convoluted movements;
I've been waiting to assemble them into a full video, but this is
excellent in itself. Gathared presents a gathered goatherd variety;
gothard (which should be gathared inn content?) is a beautiful
environmental shuddering. Enjoy!

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