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<julu1> I'm here at last, thank you GOD!
<julu1> At the moment, nothing but a blank screen against a background,
<julu1> Burnished aluminum. So you might meet me here, Nikuko, if you have
the time.
<julu1> Then what? In 2011, avoiding everything but the UDP wirewaves.
<julu1> I could pass you warez.
<julu1> I could pass.
<julu1> I could send secrets.
<julu1> Secrets could disappear.
<julu1> You could see my flesh and bone.
<julu1> Now you see my bone.
<julu1> In the trade we say "bone only."
<julu1> It's different than off the grid.
<julu1> The grid breaks down anyway - UDP, netsplit, the whole nine yards.
<julu1> I know you're listening to me because I know you're here because
someone is typing this.
<julu1> There are bones making letters, molecules on the move -
<julu1> It's not just inside your head (your reading this) or mine (my
writing this).
<julu1> It's not a style, it's bone. It's the hard white bone surrounded
by flesh.
<julu1> You'd pay a silly dollar to see some silly flesh.
<julu1> Ignore everything you think you know; focus on the bone. On the
nub of the bone. On the burl.
<julu1> What presses against something to make this, what might make you
press against something else.
<julu1> These are the warez I'm passing to you, clothed in flesh.
<julu1> The bone is the secret. The bone is the secret bone.
<julu1> You'll pay attention to the flesh, forget the secret. Caress the
flesh: bone stops it.
<julu1> Bone stops it in this and every other channel.
<julu1> Bone stops it, but you swallow the flesh. I dream you this:
Tonight you dream.
<julu1> Tonight you dream of the flesh.
<julu1> (My secrets are safe.)

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