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uppup 2011 *
  * *
somewhere in there's a wormy tune * floating on a wormed balloon *
trailing notes of wormed festoon * violinists tell me it's a boon * when
it occurs near waning moon * softly hear the call of loon * speaking deep
unearthly rune * have you seen the film called dune * the worm sang out
the month of june * coming for a concert soon * starting midnight not at
noon * listen to the worming croon * by this violinist goon * notes to
left and right are strewn * eaten by the dank raccoon * the music's dark
almost maroon * drink or slurp it with a spoon * almost a song more like
cartoon * tune balloon festoon boon moon * loon rune dune june soon noon
croon goon * strewn raccoon maroon spoon tune * cartoon cartoon cartoon
cartoon *

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