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*** Topic (#Julu): changed by Julu: In this dark world we're joined of worm
*** Topic (#Julu): changed by Julu: Nothing brought us down to harm
*** Topic (#Julu): changed by Julu: Present the swimmer, proffer the swarm
*** Topic (#Julu): changed by Julu: The poem is taught, for naught its charm
*** Topic (#Julu): changed by Julu: Time hastens forth, its souls to farm
*** Topic (#Julu): changed by Julu: Its words to farm, the earth is warm
<Julu> All my children, discussion is over, you ignored my topics.
<Julu> Not a word from you, not a single solitary word.
<Julu> What a horde! What to do!
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<Gone-Chic> I don't like poetry anyway, boo, these topics are silly!
<Gone-Chic> Let's go party!
<Gone-Chic> Let's go!
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