The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Lament for the Wolves, what i heard and saw

these are what i heard and saw, playing lament for the wolves,
the images are _literal,_ they were _there_ in the music,
among the music, guiding the music, they were _shaman_ in the
_literal_ sense

the crying and mewling of wolves
howling of wounded and dying wolves
wet flanks of the wolves running everywhere
i was just above them, smell of wet fur
panting of the wolves fleeing for their lives
broken legs and necks, wolves, shot, tumbling
choking for breath of the terrified wolves
roar and sputtering of helicopter blades
sounds of firing and collapsing wolves
cries of the pups and stumbling pups
trampled pups and constant thunder
screaming animals and the loss of life
broken families and slaughtered bodies
blinded and deafened wolves
the brutal melody of death and mourning

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