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hunters and geese, entangled birds, in brooklyn, canada geese were
recently gassed at prospect park - including one who had been saved, after
an arrow was found embedded in her. the pipa expresses martial rage; the
guitar broils, settles down in the last section.

for reasons going back to childhood, fear, depression, regret, guilt, i
can't deal with suffering; i would cripple buddhism, oblate the terminus.
azure kept the story from me for a long time. in aurora, outside of
denver, we watched a story on channel 9 news - with the newscasters
laughing as a robin repeatedly crashed into the picture window of one of
their homes, marking up the pane with what one could only assume was lymph
and blood. an "ornithologist" "explained" the robin wanted the home. no
one mentioned a simple owl or other bird silhouette on the window would
have saved the bird from injury. it was horrifying. aurora's where the
prairie dogs were gassed. in any case, this image - of the robin -
imprinted itself on me; it's burned in, adds to misery. (robins by the way
are amazing; we saw one in the middle of an alpine lake in the wasatch.
they live up into the middle of alaska, smart birds.)

another element - going for a colonoscopy tomorrow so haven't eaten all
day and the music happened in a world of spaciness, close to fainting. i
suppose shots fired in the imaginary helped with the broiling. i played
carelessly but accurately, at least as well as i can tell in my condition.

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