The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Law's occultation

Law's occultation, outlawed in this sanctuary, and i confess occultation:
in this part of the sanctuary, the names of gods, scape-goating, speaking
the planet, ossuaries, stases, and defending oneself, watching slowly, the
release of the hawk, the forms of the dead, soft, egg-like, yellowed, the
color of Law's occultation

the testimony they had given; they cried out with a loud body, presencing,
following, excessive. across the internet, Julu testimonies, Jennifer
testimonies; nothing is sacred, i am pariah, sanctuary, in my skin and
avatar, look for avatar. the testimony of schizophrenia: _they eat and are
eaten._ [...] and hands, painlessly, but extrinsic, unable to testify. no
testimony, no sanctuary, stillborn, mourning, submitting hir statement,
Jennifer's, in the ossuary of the other, the mechanical.
 		    o courteous trimmed testimonies,
far ossuaries in the scientific city and its sepulchers.

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