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8c8 < Modeling proceeds from the assumption that representation possesses
10c10 < the modeling session occurs. 12c12 < Modeling also proceeds of
course from the presence of the body, its 26c26 < so forth. But these are
not necessarily inherent in the modeling 56c56 < Compare this to the
absurdity of modeling for a painter. Here one 90c90 < Photography and
modeling in particular are the inverted double of the 141c141 < image
(which is completed by perception; you complete me). Nothing 160c160 < I
desire you, desire the presence of the camera. I desire your presence
33c33 < modeler - or procurer - it is a rite of passage. Were it not for
the 110c110 < necessary distrust, that focus of excitement, excitation:
what can we do 115c115 < presence, the presence of substance,
father-mother). Clearly hir body is 167c167 < desire hir, desire the
endless peregrinations of hir engineering, hir 170c170 < So this is a case
of theft and desire, like sado-masochism, this is the

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