The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Experiments (sound only)

Azure Carter, voice
Foofwa d'Imobilite, voice
Alan Sondheim, violin, voice, Khmer tro sau

The Cambodian tro sau is related to the Chinese erhu; it has two strings
tuned a fifth apart, and the bow hair goes between then. The upper side of
the hair plays one string; the lower side plays the other. There is no
fingerboard; the strings are stopped by touch alone.

So these are experiments in voice and bowed instrument - there's a lot
of room for improvement, but the results are interesting.

My own music is awkward, unbalanced, resonant between the organic and the
instrumental body; it tends towards a broken or wounded mastery. My hands
attempt what, for me, is impossible - there's always _this gesture_ that
falls short, flat, irresolute, noisy. And at times it's as if the piece is
in a hurry to end, before the refrain or timbre gives out. And from this
comes a mis/shaping, mis/recognition that opens territories of future
compression and release. Rather to move on than hold on; rather to move
than die.

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