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the first is of signs and symbols, resonant with the world
the second through sixth are of the longing to return
in the first, expulsion ends its sad and lonely decree
in the rest, nothing is seen in the black waters
the black waters are the temperature of the virtual body
between the virtual body and black waters, nothing
nothing, or the thinnest of decrees
one might say among them, nothing
one might say everything virtual is by decree
among the lushness of the black waters, illuminations
one might say illuminations as if there were decrees
as if there were decrees or songs, foundations of epic
the resonance of the world is there by decree
among the real, we are decreed, _dasein_
as if there were differences or deferrals
longing to return, among us, unknown decrees
writer, write!, translator translate! reader, read!
among us! among us! among us!

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