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January 24, 2011

sex files

[ we're assembling dvds of our work together, excluding crepuscule, evam,
second life, and poser pieces (which would add at least a thousand more
videos or stills). tonight i went back into six external hard-drives,
three internals, and two hundred cds and dvds. the following are the
titles of the majority of our pieces informed by, informing, the sexual.
together they constitute a sememe, half-stuttered, half devolved. there's
no end to the pixel or body. ]

aaaob1.jpg aaaob2.jpg albaal1.jpg albaal2.jpg ALBAAL4.JPG
ANTHRAX.MOV aster100.avi aster17.avi aster21.avi aster22.avi aster23.avi
aster24.avi aster26.avi aster27.avi aster32.avi aster33.avi aster34.avi
aster35.avi aster40.avi aster41.avi azbaal1.jpg azbaal2.jpg azbaal3.jpg
BALLET3.JPG ballet4.jpg BALLET9.JPG birthbaby.AVI birthbump3.AVI bloodsemen.avi
bloodsemen1.avi blum.avi BREAST.JPG
BREAST2.JPG BREAST3.JPG echo.txt FALL2.AVI Fall3.avi fall4.avi
fuck.avi grundfragen.avi HELLO.MOV holdme.avi HOLE.JPG jinglecodec.avi jpg.AVI julu.avi kiramisery.avi LOOK.MOV mens1.jpg
mens2.jpg mens3.jpg mens4.jpg mens5.jpg MI3.AVI MI4.AVI mi5.avi mi7.avi mydeadwife.mp4 mydeadwife.MPG
NEW.JPG Nikuko.asf Nikuko.avi nuputtingon.avi orgasm.avi para11a.gif para11b.gif para11c.gif para11d.gif
para11e.gif para11f.gif para11g.gif para41.avi
para41a.avi para41b.gif PARABLE.JPG parable.txt Parable4.jpg
Parable5.jpg Parable6.jpg Parable7.jpg Parable8.jpg PARATURN.JPG
PARWING4.JPG PARWING5.JPG PERFORM.MOV pi.avi piro.avi piro2.avi
pirou3.jpg pirou4.jpg pirou6.jpg pr211.mpg
private01.jpg private02.jpg private03.jpg private04.jpg private05.jpg
private06.jpg private07.jpg private08.jpg private09.jpg private10.jpg
private11.jpg private12.jpg RUNAWAY.MOV screen_last.bmp SECRET.MOV SEX.MOV
sexbodyscan01.jpg sexbodyscan02.jpg sexbodyscan03.jpg sexbodyscan04.jpg
sexbodyscan05.jpg sexbodyscan06.jpg sexbodyscan07.jpg sexbodyscan08.jpg
sexbodyscan09.jpg sexbodyscan10.jpg sexbodyscan11.jpg sexbodyscan12.jpg
sexbodyscan13.jpg sexbodyscan14.jpg sexbodyscan15.jpg sexbodyscan16.jpg
sexbodyscan17.jpg sexbodyscan18.jpg sexbodyscan19.jpg sexbodyscan20.jpg
sexbodyscan21.jpg sexbodyscan22.jpg sexbodyscan23.jpg sexbodyscan24.jpg
sexbodyscan25.jpg sexbodyscan26.jpg sexbodyscan27.jpg sexbodyscan28.jpg
sexbodyscan29.jpg sexbodyscan30.jpg sexbodyscan31.jpg sexbodyscan32.jpg
sexbodyscan33.jpg sexbodyscan34.jpg sexbodyscan35.jpg sexbodyscan36.jpg
sexbodyscan37.jpg sexbodyscan38.jpg sexbodyscan39.jpg sexbodyscan40.jpg
sexbodyscan41.jpg sexbodyscan42.jpg sexbodyscan43.jpg sexbodyscan44.jpg
sexbodyscan45.jpg sexbodyscan46.jpg sexbodyscan47.jpg sexbodyscan48.jpg
sexbodyscan49.jpg sexbodyscan50.jpg sexbodyscan51.jpg sexed.avi
stripper3.avi vibration.avi WELCOME.MOV wirefoof.mp4


very early work

poser / live / bryce / mocap

up for short time only

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