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dead origin

  For the thinking of the educated man of our time land surveying is a
  _dead origin._ (Suzanne Bachelard, Phenomenology and Mathematical

the dead origin, the arbitrary dead-point of orthogonal or otherwise
disjoint vectors, Weyl's ego-vestige, yet an irradiation of emptiness
whose ratio to mass-length tends towards zero - there's a joy here, in
absence, in a wilderness of the discrete and infinitely small, as if
nothing remained.

the dead origin is a _closed set_; what opens - tendrils - opens from
without, but so close, so intimate! implanted life is that edge of the
urge at lip or nub, an urge generated by the universal constitution of
biochemistry in this particular cosmos.

the dead origin is the memory of memory, memory which grows, striations,
among the tendrils, primordial coding of what would be constituted as
events, histories, origins.

'i could go on, but why bother? nothing touches the detumescent, nothing
reaches beyond this anti-punctum, manque or the loss of idea. i shall
inhabit the future anterior of the subjunctive, having already received
your reply.'

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