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February 8, 2011

red-eared slider turtle romp

screwed up pal version of 1/4 turtle romp sped up 700 % anyway
this goes on daily here with considerably more deliberation and
less speed; her thoughtful pauses give cause for metaphysics.
meanwhile i ponder on pixel aspect ratio and how consumer soft-
ware can screw things up so badly. think of this as a test video
with benefits. enjoy.

Foofwa and turtle romps a disarmingly charming
portrait of the master at work in the wilds of brooklyn new and improved
turtle romp, how could it not be

romping, cavorting, gamboling, frolicing, frisking
a light-hearted romp of somewhat silly maneuvers -
a light-hearted romp of somewhat silly maneuvers -
Jennifer: Is that an elk gamboling in our midst?

because of the absence so the muscle appears
and not so intelligent because of the muscle
which does one thing well, to move another to
move not love an other thing. you have the whole
world flicker when you dance. you have the whole
muscle, you have the thing. you move the thing,
you do that one thing well.

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