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February 10, 2011


sexuality embodiment the granularity of real physical overall i m
concerned with subjectivity and its manifesta issues interaction
projection introjection fashion call or subject we wish to discuss
psychology philosophy seamless reality a state melding so that only
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worlds scrolls frames frameworks ideal models both if were live forever
happy because always interrelated phenomenology point. friends have world
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vacuums outer space. information result division beginning by virtue
confluence these areas their sense contraction not expansion know any
perfected alreadyexpansive than gloss upon ible do sensory modalities
increase inhabiting cybermind.  hint symbolic terms consumerism.  how walk
time interact others clear constitutes human agent. selves subjects using
multiple bined communications. imagine long run vis senses mathematical
objects quarks waves fuzzy topoi love emb hand considered far beyond ascii
netscape mean imply synonymous masquerade ready within assume will remain
thing anyone virtual.

history television radio transparent emerging. subjectivity. future multi
media. anime figures. think living programs simultan eously worlds. first
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pair creations sputterings. practical theoretical aspects nikuko demiurge
transforming protocols sites somewhere mud user dungeon racket background
settles collide invisiblyaccumulation displacements crises identity
contradic representations simulacrua subjectities kodak content. sophy
case has been published potes moving towards embedded rapidly setting
firewalls disappearing. talk chats cur noisy group situations bodies left
behind eration realities. touched used defused emerged kissed dreams
coalesce livid maroon face sweats obsessive masturbation don t disparage
driven applications poor inscribed just otherwise coded prosthesis
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little different our eternal repleterealities collapses screen interior
ever seen me? after rest remaining virtual? extrusion cut promise twenty
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technologies nottingham trent baldwin l. bounded ideality heuristics.
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dispersion problematizing ever}{ bandwidth necessary eventuality.
addresses direct makes contact virtuality. not}{ somewng visual mathesis
abstract ontologies hardware implementations static rom storage
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rlds reply wells obdurate not. fire next plasma beforehand particle
gatherings avatartist draw distinction. meditation immersion disap colloca
discrete domains emanent organic watching once again. humans emanents
simultaneously mobile film tableau uncanny fantasy phantasy mind inhabits
albeit often messay genres seeping unreading scribbling mixture substance
abject processes differing prim corporeality disappears describes replaces
fictitious politics political economy leverages analogic calling forth
emblematic follows suit exists psychoanalytic registers. technology tac
knowledge augments it. augmentation filters filter flattening distort
generate depth ontological multiply speech interiority philosophical.}
axiomatics infinities. ontology structure sets nihilo stochastic chaotic
certain tolerances ex performativity.}performativity. but inscription
thetic languages mechanisms performance perforation } who spea king whom
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identical.} individual user. false distorted mirror net.} asked
recognizing recognition fragility anywhere problemat gateways fullness
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memory previously rent direction. continuity words? exactly. totality
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discriminating fashion} j mber nor concept. infinitely transcendent
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crosses tethering reddened present. modeling proceeds sexualized
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occasional photon. narcissism tunneling ble tech ally thrown lead sickness
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university courses established ran experimental students} ? creative
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possible argue syntax con strued morping category.  flux. routings
emergences sub disappearance snake fundamentals void vector negation
disorder equality breaking distinctions internal external worldings honey
travis tiffany. careful signified begins enunciation bottlenecked
presence. intention coextensive broken renounced eof kill delete. distance
inertia lag. compression effect classical aristotelian fluidity logins
passwords names. oppositions wear tear span noise equivalence. < ulterior
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collectible imaginary. mount rewrites continually himself herself.
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urban life...

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encapsulation of phenomenological presence: always already behind but the
command is instantaneous (paralleling loop quantum geometry to the extent
that between nows, there is no time). (paralleling a certain positioning
within which there never has been time, within the inaccessible singular-
ity of now, thinking of husserl of course.)

so that we can say, at least on a human scale, the digital represents very
little, if anything: only the gaps, sutured by our senses, as if the world
were continuous. for us, it is the suturing the constitutes the appearance
of the digital; the appearance is neither this nor that.

strings or loops or points or wheeler's foam: it always breaks down some-
where. and here, it breaks down, invisibly, only in the performative which
hangs somewhere temporally invisible.

it's of interest, psychologically, to note that the 'now' is always a
deferral, a reading occurring after the fact, but collapsed into an/other
fact, or rather facticity; further, that such readings are the occasional,
among organisms, of gatherings, collocations, collectivities: for neither
one nor the other reads each now individually, as if each were fecund with
its own history, accessed through the dialectic of historiographies.

for who among us could count them, and such counting, such duration, would
always be later, not latent, or rather latent to the enunciation, not to
the encounter: the encounter itself does not exist.

further, the fact is not a fact _of_ the digital; it has no place among
truth-tables or other setups.

in fact the now is already dead, as if it were alive, a hermeneutics of
bluster so to speak, just as the origin is already dead, in and out of
enunciation: the now, smeared through the very act of accession, loses its
value as a token, becomes - no matter what the history - an absence within
the tomb of equivalences.

the digital, in being here, is not here: it is nowhere. thus it is always
without extrinsic foundation, characterized as well by an intrinsic and
logic, displayed, again as always, after a fact which can never appear.

k5% yes now > zz */produces the repetitive state of almost-present,
^C */ends the production/*

*/[...] continues for at least 2m within 1/5 second/*

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