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February 20, 2011

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Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 19:08:26
From: Captain Paul Watson <>
Subject: Victory for Whales: We did it -- Thank You!

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                            Vicotry for the Whales


                                 Dear Azure,


  We did it! This week, we drove the entire Japanese whaling fleet from the
        Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. They are on their way home!  

  But we did not do it alone. We did it with you! Sea Shepherd is more than
                    the ships and crew that operate them.

  Yes, the crew is important - men and women from around the world from all
  walks of life who volunteer their time and skills and risk their lives to
  defend life in the seas. They are, of course, a very important reason for
  the success of our missions. They are the people who directly confront the
  killers on the high seas. It is their passion that makes Sea Shepherd all
                               that we can be.
                       video thanks from captain watson

The crew on the ships could not function without our onshore crew, who make
     up our office staff and our many shore-based volunteers. Our onshore
  crewmembers are in a very real sense just as important as those who go to
   sea. They make budgets, answer phones, process donations, conduct legal
research, respond to media inquiries, create merchandise, organize benefits
like bake sales and art auctions, man information tables, prepare the ships
  in port, solicit donations of food and services for the ships--and so much

    But, the foundation of what we are and what we do lies firmly upon the
    shoulders of our supporters from all around the world. Your financial
backing puts the resources into our hands that feed our crew, put gas in the
   tank and paint on our hull, keep our engines running, and our safety and
                 navigational requirements in tip top shape.

   It is this trinity of sea crew, onshore crew, and financial support crew
that keeps Sea Shepherd at sea and keeps the harpoons away from the whales,
   the clubs away from the seals, the longlines and driftnets away from the
      fish, turtles, and sharks, and the knives away from the dolphins.

Sea Shepherd is all of us who care about our oceans and are willing to stand
     up and ACT, in whatever way we are able, in defense of the wondrous
                   diversity of life in our fragile oceans.

We are all Shepherds of the Sea and those who are not should be, because the
stark reality is that if our oceans die, we die! Together we fight not just
   for the whales, sharks, seals, sea-birds, turtles, and fish, together we
                         fight for our own survival.

Together we are a force for good, a force for change, a force for ecological
                 sanity, and a force to be reckoned with!  


  We will be honored if you would continue to stand with us as we imminently
        face battles on other fronts - bluefin tuna overfishing in the
   Mediterranean, pilot whale slaughter in the Faeroes, dolphin killing in
                 Taiji, poaching in the Galapagos, and more.

  To all the Shepherds of the Sea that made it possible for us to drive the
  whale killers from the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, I think I can speak
            for all the citizens of the sea in saying "Thank-you."


                               For the oceans,

                            Captain Paul Watson  












                             Captain Paul Watson

                           Founder and President 

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  *  Click here to read about the whalers leaving the Southern Oceans.  

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