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February 21, 2011


double flight harness video from flight dancer with grounded dancer
motion capture with body divided:
left arm / right leg // right arm / left leg // root / head (grounded) for output see
Morgan Dixon, Katie Graves, Deborah Byczkowski
Brian Wright, mocap engineer
Columbia College Media Production Center

More from Chicago (from visitation rites, Chicago Loop) (from sessions) (from sessions, surprise ending)

and such magic:

k6% ps
  1022 ttyq5 S    0:00.01 -ksh
  3102 ttyq5 T    0:00.29 alpine (alpine-2.00-p2)
  4055 ttyq5 S    0:00.00 leave +59
14055 ttyq5 O+   0:00.00 ps -g

such coincidence!

early Robert Kelly, etc. and an illustrated book on the Chicago 8 which
respondence 1759-99,_ edited and translatad by Arnulf Zweig, Chicago,
manipulation developed at the Chicago Institute of Art.
    continuum of nature (Chicago 1966). In the past century,
"You just don't get it, do you?" SF to me, Chicago 1991
Gelb, I. J., Old Akkadian Inscriptions in Chicago Natural History Museum,
Number 2, Chicago Natural History Museum, 1955
Chicago performance text
are lost in a suitcase somewhere outside Chicago.You're early, we're
From New York, NY (JFK) to Chicago, IL/O'Hare (ORD)
 	Wednesday, 21 Feb 07 Flight 907 Depart New York, NY (JFK) at 9:50
am and arrive in Chicago, IL/O'Hare (ORD) at 11:29 am
From Chicago, IL/O'Hare (ORD) to New York, NY (JFK)
 	Tuesday, 27 Feb 07 Flight 904 Depart Chicago, IL/O'Hare (ORD) at
9:25 am and arrive in New York, NY (JFK) at 12:45 pm
New York, NY (JFK) to Chicago, IL/O'Hare (ORD) 	Flight 907
Chicago, IL/O'Hare (ORD) to New York, NY (JFK) 	Flight 904
Gelb, Old Akkadian Inscriptions in Chicago Natural History Museum. These
from New York to Chicago then back to West Virgnia then back to New
Text from Chicago Openport Performances
pulls me out of here (I mean Chicago, not Links Hall) - anyway so I try
of it up to the Chicago pens. The clattering continued. A lean man with a
SLSC conference, Chicago, 2005
Online with Sandy Baldwin, SAIC, Chicago, 2008
   look what we did in Perth, London, Chicago, NYC, meeting...
Texts in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, University of Chicago, 1970:
Montreal, L.A., Chicago, we're the cultural capital of North America!
Leo Strauss, University of Chicago Press, 1963, still in print. Note the
Introduced by Thomas L. Pangle, Chicago 1989, currently in print. Here
manipulation developed at the Chicago Institute of Art.
the Arts Conf. in Chicago); there is a full description. Like Stelarc, I
Chicago 2001 - I'm reading this now, pleased with the references to
are lost in a suitcase somewhere outside Chicago.You're early, we're
    words 12 Chicago Vowel Movers made
aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh xxxxxxxxxx posts bitchbinary texts/chicago
much of it. I'll be at the Openport festival in Chicago the end of the
Text from 2 Chicago Openport Performances
There's great mocap stuff at Columbia in Chicago. I'd love to use it.
Grid Lobby in Chicago. Another looping used two cameras and transmissions
Ingersoll," J. B. McClure, ed., Chicago, 1879.
Openport Performances and talks, Chicago, 2007
SLSA conference, Chicago, 2005
Text from 2 Chicago Openport Performances
finger (Everything including birthdays, moon
in flight from chicago heading nowhere, this great _minus_
take me downtown to chicago on the train
?   ?   chicago.rtf
?   ?   chicago.txt
?   ?   ?   chicago.txt
artbeat chicago love poems | wttw fast it seems that i had lost her now
chicago city symphony archaeological reconstruction
second silly chicago city symphony
this symphony of doubles will play for you chicago.
symphony anchor chicago silly returns ok building reverse bit abstraction chorusa.jpg chorusb.jpg chorusc.jpg chorusd.jpg
placeholder text chicago 2
dreamwork chicago
chicago another.

From: CREDO Action <>

Thanks for taking action.

Dear Friend,

Democratic state senators in Wisconsin have been forced to flee the state in
order to stop Governor Walker's radical attack on worker's rights.

Now, Gov. Walker has ordered state police to hunt them down, and force their
return to Madison for a vote on his bill.

The fight in Wisconsin affects all of us. And this is a crucial moment to
show solidarity with the state senators as they continue their courageous
stand to protect workers.

I just signed a petition telling Wisconsin's Democratic state senators they
have my support. You should sign it too. Click below to say thanks.


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