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Dusk Dance Culmination *

these are all generated from the same mocap session - i forget the
particular scheme. the bvh file is available, as is the soundtrack.
there are two videos - one from poser and one from second life, in a
full environment. i feel my life is entering dusk, the dance faltering,
the world uncomfortably warm, dark, dangerous. stress pushes me to do
these things, but beauty holds me as an afterthought. among the
virtual worlds in multiverses, my creatures live without me. (beautiful poser rendition of
second life with solo oud score) (solo oud piece, duskdance) (beautiful rendition in second
life of duskdance with julu twine avatar at columbia i am sim) (you can use this in virtual
worlds as an animation, created at columbia iam mocap studio with several
dancers inhabiting a single avatar through distributed and affine

* these four files together constitute a single moment; please watch
these, whether you've seen the others. these are a culmination of the
mocap work, maybe opening new territories in animation and distributed
performance. anyway they're fun to watch.

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