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February 27, 2011

"worrying the thing"

come gulp our badgers mewling and so near!
o badgers, Maines and worlds, skies and Julu's sim,
the earth swallows me up, this badger of the end of the world, Nao, she
says: "Oh! Such a great kami you are! But aren't you a fox or badger!"
Invisible Being: "I am neither a fox nor a badger. I am a kami who wants
to gulp you down, as it is said,
come gulp our badgers mewling and so near!"
o terrible badgering avatars badgering avatars!
who are you, once more the gullible badger believed the hare, and
o o badgers, Maines and worlds, skies and Julu's sim,
come gulp our badgers mewling and so near!!

embodiment of embodiment

external, embedded
1. poser and pennsylvania, mocap
  transformations / dispersions / the show goes on the road

internal, inverted, deconstructed
2. poser software glitch, mocap
  transformations / dispersions (taking advantages of poser crashing)

embodiment of embodiment
            flesh in its disembodiment. you are the story
       incarnation in human form b: an embodiment (as of a concept or
     maintenance fueling/legitimation structure/embodiment/impulse
    elevator call system embodiments also transmit the desired
    call system embodiments also transmit the desired destination for the
    is code disembodied | the code of disembodiment
    netting, i egyptians as the embodiment of toth, the
    of code the | disembodiment is post-mortem
    thematics bearing on such issues as death, sex, virtual embodiment,
    |  disembodied code is the code of disembodiment
    |  the code of disembodiment is post-mortem
   c. -jectivities, embodiments, resonances, symbolics
   other embodiment. every aspect of the net is identically embodied.
  making the body real (trajectory of embodiments)
"...hysteric embodiment references the theory of hysteria in which
(dis)embodiment, a remainder or reminder. it is the abyss that is
(what i called _indexical embodiment_) implies a _partial_ presence, as
*herein lies the _political economy_ and _hysteric embodiment_ of vir
1a levels of embodiment: syntactic / semantic / projective/introjective
4. hysterical embodiment and the variants of reading the other.
9 they also include embodiment, impulse, fueling, and linkage
a  net embodiment refers to a dispersion and dis/play - there is no
all embodiment, i say, is of the fiction, less a thing than a container
b  issues of embodiment arise in communities, through sexualities
could it be that _embodiment_ is always thus hysteric, that representa
cybermind is sleazy, the body as hysterical enchantment, embodiment
disembodiment, etc, make me wonder about prosthetics, wheelchairs, canes,
even embodiment becomes problematic; the body is a report from ourselves
for all intents and purposes, disembodiment, and for all its dialectical
home has a sense of familiarity, embodiment, history, familiality, com
i want to take up the idea of voice in chats as embodiment again, from a
net. surely issues of embodiment are paramount; without the body, lure
no wonder the net embodies hysteria, disembodiment effacing the other.
now i would not say "rationalism" but "embodiment," a word not found in
other, becomes auto-embodiment, the reading of the self through the text
september 2006 on performance and embodiment in digital media.
so i would say that embodiment is withdrawal and a discourse of with
some of the issues i've been dealing with have been based on disembodi
spirit in actually and embodiments affects the very physical being of
tabletspace produces hysteric embodiment as one reads through post after
the memory of non-existent flesh. flesh is its disembodiment. s/he is the
the various issues of embodiment that will arrive with full-real vr are
these populations proceed from disembodiment, or a-bodiment, not other
through projection, introjection, and hysteric embodiment, we sink into
virtual embodiment, virtual subjectivity:
[8:27]  alan dojoji: simply, embodiment in second life or online in
[8:30]  alan dojoji: so embodiment is not background, the way it is in
a prototype of mud/moo embodiments. the delineations of gratified desire
a simulacrum of embodiment. the body twists, turns, caresses, and is
ance of culture employs the redundancy of signals. the embodiment of sig
and "wryting" - the latter referencing an almost hysteric embodiment, in
around the thing of hir (dis)embodiment; i am languaged into hir pres
body in the realm of the symbolic (and all those issues of embodiment/
but also ideas of sexuality, confusion, embodiment, and play. and i want
called elsewhere "hysteric embodiment," reading _through_ the texts of
cept, concerned dissolution, easier embedded embodiment. extent filter
certain disembodiment, as evidenced both in the kantian sublime and the
classical moment of embodiment philosophically spilled everywhere. the
communication and community, those disembodiments, permit city-collapse
concretion/coagulation a posteriori. issues of hysteric embodiment, de
constitutes a virtual entity? what is embodiment/disembodiment (this was
creasing physical embodiment - from online text-only chat through
cybersex - the imagined embodiment of the other, which is impossible
desires, economies, identities, objects, visions, disembodiments, and
dirty dirty dirty dirty!\par dirty-poetry dirty. disavowal, embodiment
disembodiment which come into play) - the intimacy of _writing to a
distinguish between the two.) thus hysteric embodiment becomes a means
elements, equivalent to coupling operations, contiguities. the embodiment
elsewhere) of indexical embodiment, the semiotics of the surface struc
embodiment - and so are the virtual contents of a great deal of my writing
embodiment - that's how it is - it's all physical states - the state-space
embodiment and the construction of desire (as well as its circumscription)
embodiment of message bases. ties are formed to certain names behaving as
embodiment reduces to the null state after orgasm - the screen again re
embodiment that keep coming up. but the ghost-in-the-machine, the uncanny
embodiment that were discussed by members earlier, covering the same
embodiment within virtual ontologies; wryting disturbs _towards_ the body,
embodiment, code = language, _omnia_ = cyberspace). the issue of secrecy
embodiment, it's just as worthwhile to formulate phenomenologies of the
embodiment, the "granularity of the real," and physical reality, which
embodiment, the "granularity of the real," immensity, language, and
embodiment, the "granularity of the real," physical reality, and so
embodiment, the projection beyond or through the text onto an image of
embodiment. it's not so much a matter of reaching a resolution, but of
embodiment. the real slips _evenly in every direction; this is the
embodiments  in  my form   use  of  term  'defuge'     sense of
embodiments of a different reality in the everyday world, can, in combina
embodiments, and so forth.)
embodiments, materialisms, etc., and i want to explore this.
er, what makes for embodiment?
ering images/imaginary, the symbolic dissolving as hysteric embodiment
escape from violation fabric or web inversion; embodiment is always a
extent that it produces bodies or embodiments; even conceptualism result
fabric, indexical embodiment, rewrite, and so forth are developed;  and it
face of death or disembodiment. the location which is the cite is no
fashion that one understands the endless worry about embodiment of ideas.
flesh. flesh is its disembodiment. you are the story which surrounds
gical differences beyond the usual issues of embodiment, gender, and so
greatly stuff     penrose     question  of  embodiments  in  my form
human form b: an embodiment (as of a concept or philosophy) often in a
hysteria: displacement onto the symptom, embodiment into text
hysteric embodiment - all of these sites constitute a queer cyberspatial
hysteric embodiment perhaps) the other - supplying or denying the
hysteric embodiment, foundational work demands an hysteric embodiment
hysteric embodiment, projection/introjection, and the habitus of the act
hysteric embodiment, the reading through the text of the body of the
hysteric embodiment, which i have described elsewhere (reading through
hysteric embodiments (see internet text), through the collusion of the
hysterical embodiment of attempted speech, jennifer-alan-suppuration.
identities, objects, visions, disembodiments and life on another level
in what i have called the state of "hysteric embodiment," reading beyond
in writing can everything find embodiment - that is its primary, many in
indexicality: displacement onto text, reading embodiment in symptom
ing in hysteric embodiment. and finally, i'd say that this hysteric embo
ious issues of embodiment that will arrive with full-real or true-real vr
is a form of embodiment, a mutual construct. it's not, today, that
is- sues of embodiment that will arrive with full-real or true-real vr
it is more accurate to note that virtual embodiment is a cloth and cloth
language, feminin ecriture, the writing of the body, embodiment; nicole
lingam of the hors, disembodiment, dismemberment,
lingam of the horse. disembodiment can be dismemberment, the body trans
liquidity: dissolution of embodiment
ly, information and disembodiment? that information is always already the
may pander metaphors; embody them; critique the embodiment.
ment complements disembodiment and the presence of terminal-bodies.
more work on language embodiment, this time with machinery, amazing sound,
neither here nor there, neither one thing nor the other, embodiments of
newsgroups embodiment. reaching charting uncharted able concretely ghosts.
observe the discussion of body and embodiment everywhere, on every list
of *cyberspatial* embodiment, peripheral to the *description of the
of _embodiment,_ in contract to _mind._ thus, virtual reality, as dis
of embodiment, an inhabitation that slowly withdrawns, ends with the
of narrative, its origin. language is the embodiment of narrative; as such
of surface appearances, translucencies, dismemberments, disembodiments.
of the uncanny, hysteric embodiment? and is power always relegated through
other participants into imaginary/uncanny embodiments reflecting her or
ous issues of embodiment that will arrive with full-real or true-real vr
out that presumably we've been the ferocious embodiments of evil,
past. the population possesses only embodiment and pure representation,
peat, just like we're given the space of embodiment, because we've given
places emphasis on both what i call "hysteric embodiment" elsewhere, and a
ploying the figure as a carrier or embodiment of a discourse - as a
poverty of the every-day, poverty of virtual embodiment, one tends to
pre-linguistic representation without the thwarting embodiment of lan
reference to issues of embodiment. it's not so much a matter of reach
related potentials for embodiment, desire, and virtual subjectivity. the
religious ikon, for example, is an embodiment, or as a cartoon char
responses, etc.) - hysteric embodiment.
resulting construct, and what i call _hysteric embodiment,_ drawing on the
retains the embodiment of the fullness of the real? ( i (see) would
rewrites. errors accrue fabric, indexical embodiment, forth developed;
sence which is unremarked), as in all disembodiments which are inter
sets - perhaps not - perhaps... i call this hysteric embodiment, your
sexuality embodiment the granularity of real physical overall i m
sexuality, virtual embodiment, the "granularity of the real," physical
space, bodies are constructed through hysteric embodiment. in stone's
steric embodiment, that i've documented elsewhere. so there are thresholds
stuff - penrose - question of embodiments in
subjects - virtuality, net, darknet, embodiment - are pluralities; the
sues of embodiment that will arrive with full-real or true-real vr are
taboo of the physical, then there is an hysteric embodiment, reading
talk about _hysteric embodiment,_ the wryting as tropological, splayed for
teric embodiment, reading the other into oneself.)
teric embodiment. definitions are necessarily fluid, just as sexuality
terms of such qualities as maintenance, embodiment, linkage, representa
that embodiment is defined by _withdrawal_ of the body, of everything
that what i have called "hysterical embodiment" is based precisely on
the indwelling, and such embodiment is less an entity than a device formed
the hoax for example of equal value, hysteric embodiment being some
the matrix of the solid state. only disembodiment irrupts within the
the user hirself - what i call _indexical embodiment,_ the indexing
the woman's voice that speaks through disembodiment; literary studies
this concern with subjectivity, embodiment, and splayed or displaced
through performatives (which indicate real-material embodiment elsewhere).
tionality is not an issue; the derivations of hysteric embodiment within
trace, filigree, found in these older works - as if disembodiment, era
using it more and more as an art orgasm or embodiment reduces to the
virtual embodiment - the body taking its first steps onto the wires. when
virtual embodiment, the "granularity of the real," physical reality, com
visual chat, there is a split in embodiment; however, the body is adept at
ways filled with bodies, virtualities, embodiments, stereo sound mixed
we are immersed in lag, in rewrite, in hysterical embodiment, in a
where, now organized, now carrying the indexicality of embodiment, with
wires: interface of internetworking and embodiment
with embodiment of avatar/analog. 'project/embody.' 'embodiment project.'
with issues of embodiment. i have pointed out numerous times that i am
zations, dis-embodiments, hysteria.

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