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February 28, 2011

evening saz

slow and electric saz
so that the notes are on the hill's other side,
where the trees are, where the evening muffles speech
where things murmur and speech is thinking about speech
where the trees and outcrops are and they are thinking
where they are thinking and not speaking
where water murmurs and murmurs muffle speech
i am thinking of the woods in pennsylvania
and the muffling of occasions and slates and shales
where the notes are always on the hill's other side
on these autumnal dates, on the barren slops of winter
of claim, and clearing a path of leaves, autumnal, and plains and meadows
the elimination of these autumnal days -

" an autumnal preparation, everything stopped,
in my vestibule after that last, autumnal, rain
clearing a path of leaves, autumnal, and plains and meadows,
autumnal and thank you for the wonder, of the hills,
an autumnal preparation, and everything stopped,
in my vestibule, and after that last, autumnal, rain "

do they know each other. (2(2) bodies, sound) (2(1) bodies, silent)

"between the two of us, we do not know each other's taste and smell,
yet we're all read and know each other's bodies well.
to know each other, we had to know each other's bodies; to love and tell,
we got to know each other's fluids well, we got that old besotted smell."

doubled walks / spins / avatar interactions.

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