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March 3, 2011

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Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2011 23:45:57
From: Daniel Byers <>
Subject: Rio Platano Biosphere Expedition

Dear Friends,

I'm writing one of those every-so-often emails to let you know about the
latest project/adventure in my life. As always, if you'd prefer not to
receive these, I'll happily remove you and bear no lasting grudges.

As some of you may know, I just returned from a 3-week expedition to
Honduras, trekking and whitewater rafting through the Rio Platano Biosphere
Reserve to shoot a film about the Invasion of this National Park and World
Heritage Site by guns, drugs, and cattle.  It's been a tough haul and I'm
nursing a few wounds, but it was also spectacular, beautiful, and terribly
moving.  The video is in progress, but you can read all about the expedition
in the meantime on my blog:

I continue to work on the Glacial Lake Outburst project, and will hopefully
be shooting in Peru sometime soon to continue that story.  Updates will live
on the website, And it looks like my next gig may take
me to yet another frontier - filming Whale Sharks off the coast of Belize.
I'll keep you updated with big developments, but not too often - check the
blog if you're curious about the gorey and grimey details, or shoot me an
email. I'd love to hear from you.

To Adventure!

Daniel A Byers


longdance transformed mocap animations with altered avatar in opensim,
in broken sim area and jo's platform for dance development (thanks jo!)

homage to picabia (distorted avatar in problematic grid)

opensim takes 1.5 meg animations up to 30 seconds; some longer pieces can
be seen in longdance. the avatar shifted hir clothes and attachments in
craft (where i installed), which subsequently has been in the process of

 	There have been serious troubles on the Craft database. All
payments are suspended.
 	Owing to a serious error during maintenance, the Craft Database
has been damaged. The Grid will be restored to is (sic) status as of 23
December 2010. This means anyone who joined Craft after that date needs to
sign up again. All inventories will revert to 23 December. Payments for
those who are renting land in Craft are suspended. Sims are being reviewed
on a case by case basis, and wherever possible, the most recent version
will be restored.

Grid Status:			Online
Total users:			489
Total regions:			128
Unique users last 30 days:	69
Unique users last day:		69
On line now:			3

boson behaviors
transformed mocap trapezed diagonal harness performance
thanks to jo for use of Neo/Empiric

        ##                  #cosmos, occurs above the quarks and
no explanation why quarks and leptons are so similar in weakness.
I bet all the neutrinos raised to the power of all the quarks hee hee!
They're writing about the quark particle model and its
real life: Think of fundamental ontologies under erasure, Feynman diagram
drop boson
You drop boson.
chacteristics of different layers - quark, nucleon, nucleus, atom, mole
among the exfoliations? or at the least, gluons communicating among
gluons spread across the world, universal
aspects of computation. If you like Feynman or are interested in the
very existence of the graviton in inequivalence.
boiling from quarks strings dark matters of the soul,
boiling quarks strings dark matters soul emptied untethering witnesses
demolishing fractal with certain quark certain with molecules passed
by blades and surface thicknesses, molecular, atomic, quark,
poor quarks, drowned family empathetic motioning the primes,an
early universe.
the existence of quarks, virtual particles - the existence of
ferromagnetism, i about i the origin i of i metals, i atoms, i quarks, it
has no hairs, and shaved we were and quick about it,
quark head with burned watery images
as Feynman says, are always indeterminate, even in classical frames.
played quark double-stop gluon, quark time, quark in we double-stop and
look boson
look boson
You see boson here.
You see boson here.
look inside of ourselves, formed from the same atoms, quarks,
transparencies, quark facing gluon those l inscriptive
masses of the quarks and charged leptons; this rises to 26 if neutrinos
matter. strings, quarks with problematic spins, all these things tearing
into matters, strings, dark quarks, strings from quarks untethering and
meditating on gluons produced the following -
more\!" /[y]+/ ( "boiling 1; from print quarks
more\!" /[y]+/ ( more\!" "boiling 1; more\!" from print more\!" quarks
necessarily. Feynman writes about this as a question of raster - think
objects quarks waves fuzzy topoi love emb hand considered far beyond ascii
of rushed quark particles, neutrinos entering sky-cloud-cloud-chart beauty
of the quark, the swimmerets of Jean-Paul the crayfish. I would argue that
gluons communicate among selves wildly channeling.
You see boson here.
You see boson here.
quark? Higgs boson? knowledge of the K-meson? Inscription and naming?
quark? Higgs boson? knowledge of the K-meson? Inscription and naming?
Now the recently quintuplet quark states - there's relationship.
Recently the quintuplet quark states of course - there's a relationship!
Positron and electron, quark and molecule, the buzz of displaced charges,
soft-or the shamanic spinnings and boson superfluids, such is the case
gluon, releyes on a steyele of fingering that -
that, for example, the structure of the Kabbalah and quark theory, think
the electron's -e is equal and opposite to that of the quarks amidst
the strong force on the level of quarks and gluons, you understood.
You see boson here.
You see boson here.
Then bosons crash the party making light of everything! trillions of
degrees centigrade facing gluon quark divisibilities underneath the
sheets. the strong force on the level of quarks and gluons question
raster quickly, and the ssenses of mathematical
objects, quarks, and virtual particles, all for naught.

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