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March 4, 2011

Political Dance of the International the world politics of the
world, manifestos and political economy, liberations and revolutions,
symbolic collapses and the french revolution, lying reagan's claim for
soviet collapse, obama's unheeding calls, unlistening, government's
violence smashing unions, tax-breaks for the rich, illness and hunger and
starvation here and now, wisconsin governor sucking kkkadafi dick, twenty
billion for wall-street, they will kill us all, fuel our anger, civility
is for those who can afford it, all these words, virtual collapse in
virtual worlds, where are anyone, we're at the eighth or ninth
international, the rich should die, they're killing us and not with
kindness, let them burn in the misery of thirst and starvation, let them
drown in sickness, let them eat their own shit before they make us beg for
it, violated them, destroyed their lives, let them cut their own throats
an act of kindness, send them to the front lines of any war of their
choosing, embed them in enemy reportage, stuff them with their empty
words, our empty words, fill their dried fat bellies with dead avatars >
this is a meal for the world, let us all eat flesh
thanks to Second Life, Fau, i am responsible for this

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