The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


Paradise is always inner-lit, and avatars are ghosts,
physics holds its breath, our breath is held by physics,
we hold physics accountable, the world is unaccountable,
avatars hold our breath, we breath physics into avatars,
our avatars are inner-lit, our breath is motivated,
our avatars breathe life in us, our lives are avatars,
avatars are unaccountable, they hold our paradise,
our paradise is avatars, our avatars are physical,
our physics is abject and avatars, and holds our breath,
our breath is abject and inner-lit, we breathe our ghosts,
ghosts are our paradise, they hold our breath,
'fleeing physics and ghosts, our breathing harbors death;
'fleeing avatars and paradise, red dust is unaccountable;
'fleeing breath and motivation, our death is absolute.'

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