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This sounds excellent, as far as it goes, of course; the problem arises if 
one tries to get the entire book. There are a lot of open source academic 
publications online; I'm surprised that Wiley et. al. charges so much, 
given this. POD is not all that expensive, by the way, as Lulu and other 
venues show.

Thanks, Alan

On Wed, 9 Mar 2011, Charles Ess wrote:

> well said and to the point - exactly.
> That said: what is to prevent anyone from contacting an author whose name
> s/he notices in a table of contents and asking for a copy of a given chapter
> or article?
> Without speaking for anyone else - this is a practice I engage in, as both
> requester and sender. It is also true in my experience that most authors are
> (generally) happy to respond positively to such requests, most especially
> under the sorts of circumstances you describe. Obviously, we want our work
> to be read and critically evaluated - not sequestered.
> An advantage of this practice, in my experience, is that it sometimes
> fosters helpful dialogue and creative collaboration between scholars who
> otherwise will not likely meet.
> Not an ideal solution, perhaps, but perhaps not also such a bad one?
> My two bits - and please keep throwing in yours!
> - charles
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