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March 13, 2011

Okinawan Sanshin Prurrient thinking through with heavy echo, slow fast

a strangely meditative instrument, similar to shamisen, usually
played with a plectrum or right-hand index finger; what i've heard
is uncanny, slow, beautiful. mine is antique with real snakeskin
that needed repair (i wouldn't buy a new one with snakeskin; the
animals are endangered). tuned Gcg, fretless, with a shorter neck
than shamisen, coupled with a larger body and delicate bamboo
bridge: prurr pngs background to pru sparkles up 4 ever and 1 day breathless up 4 short time only
(what happens when sexuality speeds thru multiple screen distortions;
what happens to the gaze, diegesis, arousal)

Three Re-Mastered Original and Beautiful (I think) Videos*

Foofwa d'Imobilite and Maud Liardon, Alps
  avatar-inspired duet, cleaned up for presentation, enjoy!

Alan Sondheim and Azure Carter, across U.S.
  recording very-low frequency (VLF) radio in electrically-quiet

Complex avatar/mocap work in Blender and Poser, West Virginia
  Virtual Environments Laboratory

*Finally there's room for them, enjoy!

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