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March 14, 2011

Sendai Elogy

solo Okinawan sanshin, with and without echo of the Great Hall

11:08AM 11:25AM 12:26PM 12:43PM 12:50PM 12:50PM 12:54PM 1:00PM 1:05PM
2:17PM 2:40PM 2:48PM 3:49PM 4:08PM 4:14PM 4:16PM 4:19PM 4:30PM 4:53PM
5:04PM 5:04PM 5:06PM 5:13PM 5:19PM 5:25PM 5:26PM 5:26PM 5:28PM 5:28PM
5:29PM 5:34PM 7:13AM 7:19AM 7:46AM 7:53AM 8:38AM 8:38AM 8:38AM 8:38AM
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