The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


First part: Avatar with full animation in brightground OpenSim environment 
and Second part: my environment in OpenSim no longer accessible; my avatar 
can't enter it; the work's useless, inert, the work's a prim-long string 
out of touch, telescopic-visible, dead site, the work's digital collapse, 
remnant, residue, detritus, spew, abject, feverish, pustulant; First part: 
current-clean, avatar's baked with it; Second part: dirty, banned, beyond 
the pale, broken, skewed, strewn, disowned, forbidden; First part: clean 
and proper body, interior, body without organs, hot to trot, bounced 
about; Second part: emptied faked landscape, masquerade, little objects a, 
remember them, moved, unmotivated clockwork, Pascal falls through the 
void; First part: hir dance at the end of the holographic universe, the 
horizon, the beginning, nowhere; Second part:; First part:; Second part:; 
First part:;

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