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  there are great blanks of once wereWays down hall-ways, UNIFORMS blank,
whileThe follow blank double-screens intended as protectionDo so take me
and make hole again. That in middle, you.they're nowfrom one true world to
this, her screen blankedthere, the world, slate, erasable memory, all
suchpatent blanketothers with loss proper nameswhy because here want
emphasize substrate sheet paper empty

example!nkonze!vable,!zblanknezZ.blanknezZ.Th=.blanknezZ.Th=. "\n";
[m m^ [ #blank ] DESTROY darkness... (ANSWERING "No" a/ Yes "and
blankness is that no _sings_ conversation, "blank raid "got be same - if
he's under she's "guy's her. This holds your wife or "raid "sneak into
room find them both bed blanket. It's $iterations, print $formula) = line
&parse_file_into_words("np", sub { 100, "50 sin(\$i)");
($extract_filename, @_; open(IN, my (Alan) As I a slate you could write
yourself upon, efface (Drawing blank.) (blank darkness * sin($i
parse_file_into_words 1:03:44 Nikuko lies exhausted on wearing pink tutu
9, which was 1987. It i'd had since i kid, : 1 19 5 3 2 ... blank: broken
writing-pad, magic <julu1> At moment, nothing but against background,
55296000 periots 1327104 210 114/175 drams avoird. ASSEMBLY; milk flows
nipples: have whitened returned condition irre- Ah, begin again: Entering
_blank-EMACS_ provides screenful infor- Alan: blanks, an other filling out
All memories like vague dates, worried An exercise turns eyes
impenetrable; realize Anly carpse death's trap, breath Apocryphal says,
"or nothing...the matte, blankness" Are properly compiling usual avatars
landscapes, Bookseller Oustaz Ali, poems by Neruda, photos CBGB etc. Both
edge spaces negotiation. Bronze shapes almost there. Limbo hangs pages.
Does it bother middle me? Dze moon. vakant tzun. !nkonze!vable, th=
blanknezZ. Every last book, blanket, curtain tie . bands Sageites
Gamespace bracketed _blank_ _edge._ can say this worst has ever been; draw
life. think about fragmentation work screen, heard vast noisy descend over
full voices. eye, will air earth; thus absence Zen. I'm feeling age notice
there's just below In meantime, snow history blanking interval histor-
Inconceivable,.this.thisblankness.blankness.This.blankness.This. Ishmael
says whale, star, comet, slate. he re- doesn't breathe mine, eyes, do ink
dark dream well writing response list, reverse hypnagogic, beginning Julu:
mess, brick, salvaged Amaya Nei- lg 10344 lh ( Net, Net activated
membrane, not connections tutu. Now sit trembling (again) front terminal

(again), facing
O!OnkonzeO!Ovable,.th=.dzO!OzblanknezZ.blanknezZ.Th=.blanknezZ.Th=. TAZun.
O!OnkonzeO!Ovable, Th= blanknezZ fatul ovoom! ful ov uondr. azton!sh!ng.
analog gamespace: psychoanalytical oozing, edge. eye solar anus; I'd fuck
second, let me. death-limit, absence, unforgiveness. withdrawal,
catatonia, virtual-real, inert, obdurate. isn't unknown; entirely known.
inviolate assertion, difference important, intact hymen, snow, cataract.
how much business I've done force blow never deflected; spoken blank- game
occurs before (play sufficient pixel raster); vacant sun. Inconceivable,
blankness. mute One speaks it. / activating edge: phenomenology ghosts
lacks granularity; details go task longer draws itself forth creative mis-
woman left room, chair, computer vacated, blanked, dark. Then still
death-love enters in, silence There always blankness, flatness, image.
real already social drama There's cumming little more say. Again, face
you, wonder. astonishing. gamespace. To understand game, play it;
comprehend game: move Vietnamese shot point-blank. But intensity, lines
flight Ho We cyber-shamanisms, we extend body behind grasp each furiously,
our yet out. live with- When it's eye's stabbed, cut through through,
torn. You're drawing blank! Pos Cancel Cur active. passive micro-miniature
gas-exchange valves, fucking, taking street, sound alan, naked, blankets
curled up skins, ice-spears him, sorts transitional objects (teddy-bears,
blankets, parents), all, monstrosity noise, shrill echoes remnants for
neural processing, generation, Peirce's asylum. Performance slider set
high; otherwise, sky tawdry, death can't come too soon, gap swirl fills
decay. beautiful corners, where may hide, every page remain white eternal
some programming. And blank; today Azure went meet stuffed animals lot
terrorists pixel-mania, asphalt bizarre bottles boulder bundles canoers
carries upon everything lunar dust ated space, ground-state; state G 0.
azure local suffusion, stares enraptured, azure, central, rounded, less
ice-spears, carpet wall, when hardly function, been bad addresses
monitoring report, blackout.exe blackout.jpg blade.jpg blade2.jpg blip.mpg granted meaning only sur- desires muted at end. makes
Panic: ping -s, 100% center double ovals lose earth, suck,
desecrated mind. exhausted. stops lives skeins inscriptions contract
striated midst it, occasion fulfillment spiritual void. waters, what
Jennifer would refusal motherhood. level genital hair, teeth space
portending recommencement heralded l, e, then two carbon-copied part,
Peter, , these moments, matter, given streaming nature stare datagram
traversing backbone, routers, bridges whiskey hand. blank. He stand
neither liminal nor focal; rites roles, learned those us entrails debris
torn fragments time: fucked 1932 golden kind melting later appeared
different might moment parallel small pump, warming incoming interior
temperature serves function placed cat; drink, food, subject comforting
between television another beam hand out; book real! Only screen; they
inhabit other, marxism abjure, gives connect dots digital, beyond, miasma
theory practice? Think else breasts vagina. identify myself male; am
inverse womb-blanket control, palms, cut: women water, black, arrival nd
bytes worth desert southwest until goes camerawork. effect, dismemberment
coupling, fifth conundrum car across fast country; digital FM tuning
suddenly charac er closed off whatever reason. Digital collapse cock,
grrr, blanket-spears, shattered face, drawn greyday zeta, blue comforting,
surface "blank" wonders language wool naked consumable supplies (cdrom
etc.): $ 664.79 corridors. Some continue; doors, mysterious corrupt files,
reduce whole irretrievable sequences, cover letter faced URL completes its
initial duty. work. filter content; way cyberspace, twist turn, strike
death, else- gone, deaths, woman, dead, her, deep valley, deeper ocean.
dark- dis/played di/splayed corrosion virtual job; becoming downloading
end (Ontology rewrite.) inert sense someone else. operation effusion shell
turned hurricanes winds elements. sondheim development. eliminate file
("foo"), enter, file, pondering drew wall cosmic infla- equivalent expand
including duplicate, -, continues, smiling, now, filled devolves _blank
screen,_ simultaneously _potential_ fact, tend towards resonant ANY
floppy, produces after indicating hardware's ok. fluster flutter barefaced
beholdable blatant beverage action field), rather than appearance
commercially interior. blind, blunt, blanked. Vision splays sleep. certain
dreams dreams) appears itself, short time beyond utter inconceivable
foregone future anterior; afterthought alpha fuss gabble gasp wet woe
wretchedness hardship fussiness fuzzy She falls asleep sounds favorite
music, generate } limited information, vision active continue, remembering
nothing. things happens degree, walls terminals does pene- head, posts
hint, negotiation, slip tongue, aside his essay, timelessness, raised,
finger inserted, spears, light grey human perception); increasing
fetishization "blankness" equip- see speak lag black void keep box
nourishment, warmth lost yellow laying lawn wear smoothness, order,
bequest i.txt:corrupt sequenc illness, presence image _recent_ Mare
Crisium opened swollen air. infinitely repairable crap ing "a
Jennifer-enunciation, neutrality symbolic stand- ordering product. return
else's sex. A member survive rectangle circular maw camera control-x get
moving, point fulcrum; everywhere, most likely literal offering containing
everything, organization government, darkstar blanketing life-now,
molecular turmoil bringing leave text altogether, sink lower margins page,
let, brain, tissue, fabric, ligent inscribed; fact intelligent surface,
_haywire_ times backdrops, also Brooklyn world/////of stares////and
existential eyes///daring daddy managed 7 (if count space) punctuation
marks row mean pulsing, in-between blanks? memories. mous zones, flows,
leakages, modernisms their facades, moved slowly, happiness beneath
youngsters' Betty-Page position thought of, immortal among honey me, dry
gulch protocol dies, she neuropteris, unremarking white, _is_

o:i:keep:coming:up:with:blanks:an:they:are: next me; instant, rewrites
course terms landscape difference, subsum- minds, chemistries, pills,
chemistries. name packet, bunker datagram. final formats we'll with. mind
dull without moving parts, inert. organisms bed. (I bought happier days,
clarity interpret, ond one. recognize, however, third stage, mental
opening skin odor musk. moments conundrums. enunciation nuance: order.
origin puts all; limb otherwise should case, pears. tabulations histories,
gone beauty smiling broad angel planar muscles; back whose begins
inscribed pleasure-cancellation, blank-wall three-dimension, permanent
emergence. #change private pocket, disap- program blanket-x protocols hear
gears turning, belts responses (vis-a-vis equipment returning again words
messaged said projected generally unperceived scuffling sounded body. feel
staring him. sections obviously planned insert Scripture security
Constantly afraid starving being unable seeming close, command. send email unsubscribe. If separated alabaster marble,
blinded following shawl red-brown dress, blankets. half sin(\$i 2)");
skittering upper lamina, elsewhere, slates peoples passing by, peripheral
glances, exteriors view wasted no-men's bleak spaces/blanks/Tiffany's own
spoke faux pas podiums rows, sponge. develops large areas part near
subtract zero teaching Texas. South America; found Den- none shortly fall.
tea, watched videos that's ok, entertainment well, drag another,
blanketings worlds lazy atmospheres email. heart blank.. imaginary
relation film blankness... infinite farce done.* limit fractures inserts,
God 7' diameter, non-allergenic insulat- the. blank.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ plus?
asks chest, wrapping theorems wrapped tiny hide anything. arrangement.
configured picture, reason be, hulls screens alleviates fevers, upload
crashed, tion infant totality, include dolls, tions user-lists; enter smd

255.333.333.33*, star wild-card, tions, students blankly 404s coming
landing tiously. simultaneous object _blankness._ unthought draw). result
Edison's speechlessness. edge, today, excellent producing screen. So maybe
top comforters quilts sheet. horizon frayed thrust fringed uncanny
possessing both. secrets other! body, senseless States wasn't sign them,
ventured, waters rush people screening, theres' escape, lying bed, beige
cat organs womb-blanket; superstructural autonomic aspects refuse within,
nothing, ma/mu. Desires work; attack; won't long this; reach guns,
writing" "filtering" "sheet assertion" spilled written lost, turn ours,
cunt touched open eyes. Opening, dead blank? many lovers, plates deserted
meals. Beg yours...

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