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 	production stills:

Movements are drawn from reprogrammed motion capture equipment. Planetary1
has no 'stars' to establish scale; these could be sub-atomic particle
clouds for all we know, or a throwback to the Rutherford atom. Planetary2
sets 'stars'; the image is reminiscent of NASA footage, with one important
exception: the planets, not the stars, twinkle. However, if you imagine
the view from a spacecraft, the planetary twinkle indicates fast rotation,
and the stars glow more or less evenly. If this is 'read as' planetary,
certainly indexical; if mocap, it's ikonic (?); and if particle clouds,
symbolic (?). But these categories are blurred here; virtuality doesn't
help (especially when the virtual implies inscription and/or an
imaginary). (Come to think of it, virtuality might not imply an imaginary
- this is also blurred. In any case they're just animations - something
NASA does best.)

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