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March 25, 2011

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Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 02:00:14
From: World Wildlife Fund <>
Subject: March E-news: Will You Go Beyond Earth Hour?

In this Issue: Go Beyond the Hour | Baby Elephant Photos | Save Conservation Funding | Stop Oil and Gas Drilling

We wish to express our heartfelt sympathy for the people of Japan and send our sincere condolences to those affected by the terrible earthquake and tsunami. All WWF staff in our office in Tokyo are safe and well, and we are working closely with them to ensure they have all the support they need at this difficult time.


This Earth Hour, Go Beyond the Hour

On March 26, 2011, turn off your lights at 8:30 pm local time for Earth Hour to demonstrate your commitment to the one thing that unites us all--the planet. This year, on every continent, countries, businesses, communities and famous landmarks--including New York's Empire State Building and Washington, DC's National Cathedral--will be "switching off." When the lights go back on, we want you to go beyond the hour and think about what you can change in your daily life that will benefit the planet. Join us as we work together to create a better future.

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Baby Elephant Born at Flying Squad Basecamp

Lisa, a female elephant on WWF's Flying Squad in Tesso Nilo National Park, recently gave birth to a male calf at the Flying Squad basecamp in Sumatra, Indonesia. Check out the adorable photos of this little guy and learn about the invaluable service this program provides to the people--and elephants--of the region.


Enter the WWF Photo Caption Contest, and your creative caption could be featured in next month's e-newsletter.

February's Contest Winner:
"I'm not plankton! I'M NOT PLANKTON!"
Tim P., Fishers, Ind.

This month's photo features two tigers playing. Submit your clever caption for this photo!


Looming Deadline to Save Conservation Funding

With your help, we have come a long way in protecting the health of our planet. But there is still work to be done. The proposed budget cuts would be a terrible setback to our decades of progress. Take action today by telling members of Congress and the Obama Administration to defend funding in this year's budget for environmental protection in the U.S. and abroad. We need your support--please take action by April 8th, the day Congress has said it will shut down the government if an agreement on the current budget is not reached.

Stop Oil and Gas Drilling in Alaska's Arctic Ocean

Known as the "Polar Bear Seas," Alaska's Beaufort and Chukchi seas are home to roughly one-fifth of the world's polar bears. They are also prime habitat for endangered whales, walruses, seals and migratory birds. Now the federal government is deciding whether to drill these seas for oil and gas. Urge the government to exclude this area from drilling consideration so that we can continue to protect Arctic species and the native communities that depend on them.


One person has the power to make change:

Rare footage of critically endangered Javan rhinos:


Voyaging through the British Isles
July - August 2011

Explore isolated coastlines of the British Isles, where windswept cliffs teem with Europe's biggest seabird colonies, on one or both parts of a two-part expedition aboard the Clipper Odyssey. The first part, Wild & Ancient Britain, takes you throughout the British Isles to see puffins, guillemots, kittiwakes and gannets at the height of their breeding seasons. The second part, In the Wake of the Vikings, presents the finest highlights of summertime northern European waters while sailing from Scotland to Iceland.


This Earth Hour, don't be the only one in the dark. Send this Earth Hour e-card to your friends and invite them to be part of the worldwide movement.

Bank of America Is Supporting WWF

Show your love of the polar bear with the WWF Visa Signature? credit card from Bank of America. Bank of America will contribute $100 to WWF for each new qualifying account. See application for details.


# 7
Conservationists aren't afraid of the dark

Playfish is helping WWF protect animals and their habitats

Playfish--a gaming company that creates social games for friends to play together on Facebook--is giving players a way to support conservation. Between July 1, 2010 and July 2, 2011, WWF receives 10 percent of the proceeds of each virtual WWF-themed item purchased in Playfish's social game, Pet Society, with a guaranteed contribution of


Afraid you might forget to turn off your lights for Earth Hour? Download our Earth Hour wallpaper for your computer to remember the date and time!


Proudly show your support of conservation with a WWF panda tee! Make a donation of $50 or more to WWF and choose this t-shirt--or any other apparel--as a free thank you gift. Explore the many thank you gifts!


During the raid of a suspect's house, a WWF Tiger Patrol Unit member smelled chemicals that led him to find a:

a. tiger skin

b. tiger skin and bones

c. rhino horn

d. captive orangutan

Click on one of the answers above to see if you know.


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Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 10:55:59
From: "Alec Baldwin, on behalf of PFAW" <>
Subject: Help us save NPR from this Tea Party Congress

A new message from your friends at People For the American Way.

alec baldwin

Sign our petition telling the Senate to stop the attack on NPR.

sign the petition 3-d

Dear Alan,

Last week, Reactionary Conservatives escalated their longtime war on public
broadcasting when House Republicans called an emergency session and waived
the normal rules of the House to pass a bill to completely defund NPR.

As a board member of People For the American Way for many years, I am proud
of the work the organization has done in the past to stand up to right-wing
attacks against NPR and PBS, and I'm outraged at the GOP's willingness to
slash funding for public broadcasting while protecting tax cuts for the
rich. That's why I joined PFAW's emergency petition telling the Senate to
stand up for NPR.

Please join me in signing the petition right now.

You and I might not think that defunding NPR counts as an "emergency,"
especially not when millions of Americans are out of work and events around
the world, like Japan, appear so out of control.

But the GOP was rushing to respond to a severely doctored video of NPR
executives which was still being pushed by right-wing activists even after
it was thoroughly debunked. Republicans in Congress were rushing to appeal
to their extremist base regardless of what the truth may be.

It's clear that Republicans in this Congress are more eager than they have
ever been to serve up every item on the Far Right's agenda. And worse, they
don't even have the guts to cop to it.

Freshman Republican Rep. Rich Nugent of Florida said, "We are not trying to
harm NPR ... we are actually trying to liberate them from federal tax
dollars." But the removal of the mere $5 million in public funding from
NPR's budget would mean that hundreds of stations in rural and low-income
areas would have to shut down.

Majority Leader Eric Cantor was clear in his statements that NPR was being
targeted because of supposed liberal bias in NPR's reporting. Although
"liberal bias" at NPR has been a favorite right-wing talking point for
years, most see NPR's reporting of the news as among the most responsible
and balanced in the media, and the "sting operation" which allegedly showed
that bias was proven to be a fraud.

And right-wing Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee said, "It's about saving
taxpayer money." But the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reported
that the bill overall would have "no effect" on government spending.

Let's protect NPR. Sign our petition telling the Senate to stop the attack
on NPR.

Thanks for standing with me to defend Public radio, and in support of People
For the American Way.


Alec Baldwin, Board Member



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Salammbo, Cherubs, Dancings, Space-time, Fun
salammbo mapped onto avatar mapped from bvh files mapped
from behavioral transformations mapped from motion capture
sensors mapped from two human performers mapping performance
salammbo among objects and cherubic dancings: jewwel jpgs (scroll down)
demonstrating internal kinetic connections from meta-object
collisions produced from the above: jewl jpgs (scroll down)
original salammbo scenes: salammbo jpgs (scroll down)
some mappings / articulations of the armatures: touch jpgs (scroll down)
scanned space-time object remediating performance snapshots:

Hi - My Youtube account has been disabled and censored (Chris Funkhauser 
was trying to access it for work he's doing, and told me); I have no idea 
why - there was no nudity, no overt sexuality on it. I hadn't used it in 
years, but there was a lot of work with Foofwa, etc. I didn't know that 
Google has apparently taken over YouTube (I'm out of it this way) - if 
anybody has any idea what's going on, please let me know; you might also 
want to write Google if you're interested.

A bit perturbed about this. I received no notice etc. Most of the work up 
was avatar-based, or pieces I did with Foofwa (no nudity etc.) -

- Alan

email archive:
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current text

Re: Termination of my YouTube account:

Update: I just filed a claim against them for the Viacom / sutra tape; the 
other tape - I have no idea, since I can't access the site to see what 
they're objecting to.

By the way the Viacom claim goes to Federal District Court - with nothing 
better to do they get to watch a thoroughly innocuous video from me.

I'm infuriated and depressed - there's no real recourse in the US re: 
anything to do with corporations.

- Alan

Here's the documentation: They haven't replied yet:

First, their email:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: YouTube Support <>
Date: Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 4:18 PM
Subject: Re: [#783740898] Account Inquiry

Hi asondheim,

Thanks for your email. Your "asondheim" account has been suspended due to 
repeated or severe violations of our Terms of Use and claims of copyright 
infringement. Suspended accounts cannot be reinstated. Federal law 
requires that we terminate accounts when there are repeated claims of 
copyright infringement.

Because you have had other videos rejected in the past, we are unable to 
reinstate your account. Users with suspended or terminated accounts are 
prohibited from creating new accounts or accessing YouTube?s community. In 
order for your account to be reinstated, you will need to resolve at least 
one of the following video removals.

The following videos have been removed from your account:

Penalty 1: "evasion of being sutra" formerly at Removed due to a copyright 
claim by Viacom International Inc. on 02/03/2007

Penalty 2:
"avatar sex hex dance for Anita Berber" formerly at
Removed for violating our Terms of Use on 02/14/2011.
Please see and

IMPORTANT: If you feel a content owner has misidentified your content as 
infringing, you may be able to resolve one or more of these penalties by 
filing a counter-notification. For more information, please visit our Help 
Center article about counter-notifications at


The YouTube Team

Original Message Follows:
Subject: Account Inquiry

no idea why my account was terminated. I haven't added to it for a couple
of years. there was no nudity on it. i never received notice. most of the
work was dancework. please inform.

AutoDetectedBrowser: Google Chrome 10
AutoDetectedOS: Linux
IssueType: accountdisabled
Language: en
username: asondheim

MY REPLIES (There are four of them):

no idea why my account was terminated. I haven't added to it for a couple 
of years. there was no nudity on it. i never received notice. most of the 
work was dancework. please inform.

I've never had videos rejected in the past as far as I know - never. This
isn't making sense to me.
- Alan

In terms of the Anita Berber piece, as far as I can tell, that was put up 
2007; you changed terms of Use in 2011, but I haven't put up anything in a 
couple of years (check the account) - and as a result, I never saw these 
terms. I'm an artist; I've been extremely careful about what I've put up; 
I think I had something like 70+ videos on YouTube. For you to take them 
all out, because of new regulations (why wasn't I told earlier about 
something that happened four years ago)? seems inherently wrong. As far as 
the Viacom ruling, I have no idea what that's about and am trying to track 
that down.

Please reconsider this; it's not making sense to me.

This is making less and less sense. What on earth is wrong with Evasion of 
Being? Viacom had nothing to do with this; it's a figure from Poser, 
that's all. It came out of my modifications of motion capture equipment at 
the virtual environments lab at West Virginia University. This is 
senseless to me; please explain. What did Viacom say to you? - Thanks, 
Alan (still trying to locate the other video)

Finally, on the Anita Berber video - you say "against spam, spams, and 
commercially deceptive content" - Where on earth is there any of this in 
an artwork? I can't find the original video, but the piece isn't spam, nor 
do I imitate commercial works.

Again, please explain.


For what it's worth - seems to be the one Viacom's 
objecting to -

I can't find out what the other video is! The URL they sent me is:
"avatar sex hex dance for Anita Berber" formerly at
Now the video at the site is coded - and I don't know the original name 
from the description! What makes it more frustrating is that I never 
announced this URL to the lists - I did a grep search on all my files. So 
something is amiss here...


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as in 'anita berber,' throat anita berber, skeleton anita berber, throat
anita berber, skeleton anita berber, as in 'anita berber' ... and nothing
remains but fear, the slight scent perhaps of anita berber or - if nude,
dance from here and here, anita berber, the three, love notes for anita
berber, dance and sexuality dancing, vea adopting anita berber poses in a
crowded loftspace; stripped of all audience, vea adapting herself to anita
berber poses, eyes half-open, brooklyn streets beneath her, vea adept at
anita berber, inhaling the life, herself, anita berber, walking the heady
brooklyn streets, looking for performance-fix, cure and cognac, despair,
vea, apt at anita berber, wearing ab-patent-skin, fixated on anita berber
night trance nakedance in dawndusk morning, mourning, vea, addaft anita
berber, highspeed anitaberbersexdance sexdancedancedance,

, here the opening ends, remaining opening, uncomfortable space among
exaltations, exhalations, at a loss, losing, no way to go, nothing but
comma, nor first nor hardly last, nothing among language or who was
speaking or speaking to whom, they're all gone now, left only with,

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