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as in 'anita berber,' throat anita berber, skeleton anita berber, throat
anita berber, skeleton anita berber, as in 'anita berber' ... and nothing
remains but fear, the slight scent perhaps of anita berber or - if nude,
dance from here and here, anita berber, the three, love notes for anita
berber, dance and sexuality dancing, vea adopting anita berber poses in a
crowded loftspace; stripped of all audience, vea adapting herself to anita
berber poses, eyes half-open, brooklyn streets beneath her, vea adept at
anita berber, inhaling the life, herself, anita berber, walking the heady
brooklyn streets, looking for performance-fix, cure and cognac, despair,
vea, apt at anita berber, wearing ab-patent-skin, fixated on anita berber
night trance nakedance in dawndusk morning, mourning, vea, addaft anita
berber, highspeed anitaberbersexdance sexdancedancedance,

, here the opening ends, remaining opening, uncomfortable space among
exaltations, exhalations, at a loss, losing, no way to go, nothing but
comma, nor first nor hardly last, nothing among language or who was
speaking or speaking to whom, they're all gone now, left only with,

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