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April 4, 2011

Correcting New Hampshire Trees and Poles

my inexpensive camcorder slants stuff
i try to correct it

Aden has a gong

I made a music piece

[Augmented Reality show - sent by Mark Skwarek]


I wanted to let you know about an augmented reality ART show I am
co-organizing with Will Pappenheimer-
It's happening April 8th 7-10 Devotion Gallery- in Willamsburg Brooklyn.

gradually melt the sky

[group show]. a curatorial project by Mark Skwarek + Will Pappenheimer

.augmented reality. as overlay, intervention and challenge to the material

April 8th . May 1, 2011
Opening: Friday, April 8, 7pm . 10pm

Devotion Gallery
54 Maujer St
Brooklyn NY 11206

Director: Phoenix Perry

The title of this exhibition takes its cue from the 1964 artwork-poem
.Tunafish Sandwich. by Yoko Ono. The text imagines a performance event
which is at once cosmic and mundane, an action painting and a protest. The
artworks in this exhibition employ a recent developing technology dubbed
.augmented reality. to overlay, intervene and challenge the physical world
in much the same conjectural spirit as preceding Fluxus and Conceptual

As the influence of the virtual expands, integrates and maps itself across
the material, strange objects, banal byproducts, ghost imagery and radical
events appear in our homes and spatially across the landscape. Closed
social systems lodged in physical hierarchies are layered, then pried open
by popup media available to armies of networked creatives. AR, as this
technology is abbreviated, invites artists and viewers to consider
coexistent spacial realities in which anything is possible anywhere.
Subliminal, aesthetic and political suggestions play themselves out as
techno-disturbances in a substratasphere of online and offline experience.
The cell phone or the CRT, are immaterial witness to these ephemeral
dimensional objects and relational post-sculptural events. The fact that
this current technology is primitive, amplifies its potency, with the
extra possibility of actualization tacked on to the conceptual gesture.

Will Pappenheimer, Jan 14, 2011

Artists participating:
eteam, Jeremy Bailey, Kristin Lucas, Sander Veenhof, Tamiko Thiel, LoVid,
Christopher Manzione, Geoffrey Alan Rhodes, Lily Honglei, Will
Pappenheimer, Virta-Flaneurazine, 4 Gentleman, John Cleater, John Craig
Freeman, Mark Skwarek, Phoenix Perry, Patrick Lichty, Alan Sondheim, Damon
Baker, Arthur Peters
Opening night live performances by Jeremy Bailey and Mark Skwarek at
approximately 8pm..

Weekly excursion performance tours to augmented reality sites in Chelsea,
Newtown Creek, Greenwich Village and Union Square.  Info, times and
itineraries to be published on the two websites below:

scents/sense of trails and orders

old orders yielding place to new
mixed avatar trails between two mocap epistemologies
in combination, systemic/chaotic ruptures
this went on somewhere in the sky way over columbia iam
i think it's over
song and voice by azure carter

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