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Dartmouth, NH, visit/presentation works

slightly askew but nice review:

music (thanks to Aden Evans' instruments!)

nh6.mp3 is a bit odd - made with an Indian sarangi (Bina company),
with the sympathetic strings untuned. I added effects (reverberation
and hiss reduction); I'm anxious to learn it better of course!

the others include piano, gong, hand-drums of various sorts, small
kora, fretless electric bass, etc. i quite like the results, some of
which took me into new territory. nh9 is altered from the straight
gong recording; i find it beautiful!

images of new hampshire: early morning fog and road nhmorn jpgs (26 in all, please visit)

i was going to use these as backgrounds for avatars, but they
resonate strongly on their own. -

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