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April 13, 2011



PRODUCTION STILLS, 2011: eight anatomic pngs
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Topic	Virtual Connections
Speakers	Alan Sondheim
Affiliation	NYC, USA
Type	Parallel Session #02-E-03
Location	F1.07, Engineering Building
Date	26/05/1995
Time	15:10 - 17:10
I write myself into existence and so Im here for you.
I write myself out of existence, too bad.
Third sex and the ascii unconscious: let me be-cum you.
Im imagining you listening to me.
Im imagining you whispering to me, whispering to me.
Im no longer a guest, I whisper back to you. When Im done, Ill disappear
Flattened against the screen, I recognize you, reflected c--- shunted
against the words.
But then. But then theres a forest; Heidegger weeps in the forest.
Heidegger waits and waits, no one cums along the lonely path. He crosses
the bridges, the routers, the backbones through the landscape of the Net.
He writes his first post, about violation fabric.
I wander through his post. Im the vowel, the umlaut, the dia/critical mark
holding everything together. Im always begging. My words spew on the
screen. Your response is an emission; the stream rises from the forest,
floods everything in its /path/home/sondheim. No reply, I rm myself. What
the shell closes, cuts down, is the future.
My last words: I am your future.

Hi, two comments: First, a superpower acts more or less in concert; Fb is 
more of a collocation, much like a phone network. Second, it might be my 
bias, but I think the 'Arab Spring' etc. would have been pretty much the 
same without Fb and indeed without the net; we tend far too much to create 
a kind of technological functionalism as explanatory. Reaganism credited 
the US for the collapse of the Soviet Union; to me, there's a relation. As 
you point out (denigration of Afghans), Fb is more a network of networks 
(much like the older description of the net itself); it doesn't act in 
unity, and it's very often not on the ground in terms of geopolitics. I'd 
think a fruitful direction would be to consider the locus of Fb's 
political power in the interface itself, which is more or less the same 
for everyone; is there a good, perhaps psychoanalytical analysis of 
'friendship' in relation to the software for example?

Thanks, Alan (over my head here)

On Wed, 13 Apr 2011, Carmela Baranowska wrote:

> hi,
> Please find a recent article I wrote on 'Facebook is the New Superpower' for The Conversation:
> I would like to submit it to the list. Comments and disagreements welcome and appreciated!
> all the best,
> Carmela Baranowska
> Lecturer in Media
> Australian Catholic University
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> Today's Topics:
>   1. Open Day WebSciences Master Degree in Paris, May 5th.
>      (Antoine Mazi?res)
>   2. Representations of the internet in popular culture
>      (Delia Dumitrica)
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> Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 18:49:31 +0200
> From: Antoine Mazi?res <>
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> Subject: [Air-L] Open Day WebSciences Master Degree in Paris, May 5th.
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> Hi all,
> For the third year, we are opening applications for the *Master degree
> in Web Sciences in Paris*. The main purpose of this cursus is to allow
> students from the fields of sciences, design, humanities to perform
> interdisciplinary studies/researches on the Web and Internet, from
> academics, public and private contexts.
> All of you are welcome at the *open day: May 5th, 5:30pm*, at the Center
> of Interdisciplinary Research
> This master degree, "Interdisciplinary Approaches of the Web" (in french
> "Approches Interdisciplinaires du Web", AIW) was built in order to
> understand how Internet transfrom more and more aspects of our
> societies, and how to participate to this evolution by building an
> interdisciplinary point of view. We aim at building a teaching around
> topics as the modelisation of Internet, interfaces design, services
> economy, usage sociology, information spreading, e-education.
> AIW Master, like all courses at CRI, are built on the principle of
> "formation by doing research". Students from very different disciplines
> are encouraged to work together and build projects both theoretical and
> with concrete outputs.
> In order to give means to its student to realize projects, AIW is in
> deep relation with Fabelier's prototyping lab ( ),
> hosted at the same place.
> If you are a M2 student, you can follow tuesday's seminars
> (5:30pm-7:30pm) and get 12 university credits (ECTS).
> If you want to be full-time AIW student, you have to follow the
> tuesday's seminars and do 3 interships form different disciplines
> (humanities/sciences/engineering/art) and contexts
> (research/industry/association/personnal projects).
> If you just want to come by... you can !
> Agenda of the May 5th:
> - meeting teachers and former students
> - open seminar (your presentations are welcomed )
> - Q&A session
> - inscriptions
> - presentation of student club
> See you there,
> Antoine Mazi?res
> Please help us spread this event by forwarding this email. You can also
> join and share the facebook event :
> and the related facebook group :
> and retweeting this :
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> Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 15:45:02 -0600 (MDT)
> From: "Delia Dumitrica" <>
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> Subject: [Air-L] Representations of the internet in popular culture
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> Hello, I'm putting together a course on representations of the internet in
> popular culture and I was wondering if anyone on this list may have any
> suggestions for journal articles or book chapters focusing on the
> portrayal of the internet (or of computer networking) in science fiction
> movies and novels. Please email me off-list at
> Thank you.
> Delia Dumitrica
> PhD Student & Sessional Instructor
> Department of Communication and Culture
> University of Calgary
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Idle Days

Of stuttering or lapsing into what I call idle conversation, relating man-
ipulation; released, they result in idle chatter dominated by prebody in
idle conversation's midst, cliffs and peaks of some dark yellowed form of
folds, eccentric spaces, idle conversation, fractality. The form of the
Word, and by "yammering," I mean idle chatter, hrrrumphs, hmmmm, all
these: scuz sewage guano gum gumbo gunk idle linger shriek sibilate! scuz
sewage guano gum gumbo gunk idle linger shriek sibilate!!! But actually
what I have to say is not mere idle speculation!

And bound to follow it, that's why it's not the Word - and by "yammering,"
I mean	User     tty       login@  idle   JCPU   PCPU  - What?!
Are there no idle conversations? She continues in a state of denial!

What turned her off is idle time, remission, server disconnects around her
bed. The sores turned her soul bitter; why is there no idle thought in the
book of thinking, that realm of fictitious heated passion? These aren't
idle questions; they pertain to the heart of dreams, more than idle

Generations and genealogies, but the small-talk, the idle talk - it's
speculation's stand, proof of the existence of the idle mind. These are
questions at the heart of the encounter, of withdrawn vigilence. The
question itself is drawn forth, speech is an idle squawk - after menses or
semen, the body's randomly flickering in idle chatter. Idly asked, these
aren't idle questions.

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