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The Thought about the Wayward: You're dealing with wayward Jennifer

    while wayward Lucy screams and Jenny, nude, defends;
  of nodes and vectors is in my wayward closet of attachments and parts
  the contradictory transformed into the contrary or wayward.
"I do sit here and type, wayward on the plane, contrary on the ground,
"sleazy",:"wayward", "nice", "feminine", "lovely", "used", "fashionable",
"wayward", "nice", "feminine", "lovely", "used", "fashionable", "small",
and there i do bind this wayward drowning angel
and the abject other is simultaneously wayward and abject -

Alan Dojoji: And we are wayward,
And beyond the wayward is Jennifer wayward.
Can you not see that I was disheveled in the cavern, wild and wayward in
wanton frock and wayward Jennifer?
Devour wayward TINA! Julu-of-the Partying Neat-O!!
Experiments go awry or wayward, changes damage or destroy objects, some
hurtling through space on a wayward planet, we were born, not in the
wayward Latitudes.
I loan my frock to Julu, that is why I am called wayward.
I say that Nikuko says I am contrary, wayward, your logic does not apply.
Jennifer's mouth runs, Jennifer runs on Askhir, Nikuko says "wayward",
and light and sound make wayward shows.
and even light sound make wayward shows.

Like an arrow or pivot in the wayward moonlit sky, the sheer spear-hawk
Nikuko says, I am contrary, I am wayward, your logic does not apply.
And says, you are dismembered, wayward, your logic does not work.
Soiled Death: You're dealing with wayward Jennifer!
This is the smallest conceivable way to waylay the wayward viewer.

Unruly, variegated, wayward, Nikuko and Jennifer and Julu have been
called, and when I am called, I am called wayward little girl.
When I am towards the sun, I am wayward.
You're an intensive movement. You're wayward. You veer from 0 to 1.
You, you're dealing with wayward Jennifer.
Your small tables of nodes and vectors is in my wayward closet of
your wayward Hat! and is in my giving Bra!
Your wayward TINA! is my lovely MADONNA!
Your wayward of the elementals is in my psychotic of the lost ninety-two!

Ah, a contrary or wayward book, self-contrary, asking nothing - a gap or
hiatus. wayward or contrary characters. of the harshness of the ikonic
body, wayward, out of control with itself. And wayward matter, isn't

Angrily clothed, wayward, contrary or a brat! And the X is where that spot
is wayward,, we are rerung all, not drunk, it wears us like you
arrive from somewhere else, wayward and untoward ontology underneath the
artifactual. wayward theory. uses tools effects. unlike books ding chairs
asking, wayward. azure-ectoplasm or the remains of wayward slaughter.
before eyes; mocked wayward Madonna strugging keep apart.  quiet nice kind
but creates the _contrary,_ in the sense of someone _contrary or wayward,_
but homeless it is, wayward it is, almost.

by a notion of wandering and following, of waywardness as being you
capture equipment, inconceivable/untoward/wayward/contrary gestures and
you come drawn further in, the _wayward_ or _contrary_ body-in-motion,
contradictory transformed into the contrary or wayward,
just as contradictory wayward is really fucked up and
contrary, wayward, wandering, ill, uneasy, spry, florid, edgy, neurotic,
and then death, the dust, time tangled in hir wayward lightning.

extrinsic - a deeper waywardness, redolent of desire, than alphabetic
eyes; I was mocked like a wayward Madonna strugging to keep her legs
failing, this inability to continue, this waywardness, contrariness. for a
ragged presence run amuck, wayward, back again with the doubling of
producition, untoward, but as if it possessed a kind of man or in there is
the contrary or wayward woman, an etiquette doubly problematic - the
black amethyst is in my wayward quartz.

mine, major roles then nothing, as in a contrary or wayward person, as in
most wayward of cousins, and all of this occurs on the plane of language/
music, internal rhythms and the sloshing of bloods - wayward, contrary.

nikuko wayward among the nebulae and virtual-particles
inhabits the contrary. i will not have arctic sickness nor will i. then
nowhere, homeless or abandoned language, nomadic or contrary or the
wayward of the unobtained, incontrovertible, contrary, fused like
one but (flesh) adjacent to the terminal (unscreened),
a wayward thought, contrary to your desires, occurs just there,
or another wayward or contrary way. landscapes lead toward coagulation of
contradiction; obscenity occurs within the Sheffer stroke and she
patted her frock lock. O wayward! Her feet bicycled the air. Her feet
danced all out of order, software's accidents renewing wayward beauty.

speculatively wayward world-making, virtual worlds not as a subject for
zero tolerance mapping. think of the pan-material world. Otherwise,
inscription is vagrant, wayward. For everything, always the eroticism of
sleaziness. Is this the sip, the slip, or the the ship, now wayward,
heading chaotically towards the earth's rim. It arrives from somewhere
else, wayward and untoward ontology and the crafty smile.

If the net is contrary and wayward, it is also VIOLATED. The fallen angel!
to love someone is to follow him in her wayward choices and not be afraid!
Angels: They are more contrary or wayward than contradictory! Vagaries!

O wayward
O wayward  nice  feminine  lovely  used  fashionable  small
O wayward and shameless and the new Clar cleared out!
O wayward face to alt-config sun's wayward shadow's cast!
O wayward in curved space, flesh and bodies transported!
O wayward, contradiction; obscenity occurs!
O wayward, refusal of the body, just as death is refuse and refuge!
O wayward. When the sun is towards me, I am Jennifer!

Waywardness as Being which splits, turns back on itself, contradicts
itself, turns _wayward_ wild and wayward, contrary, a potential well or
sink or source of her world - they're wayward, contrary. They don't face
anything, their work has always been 'wayward,' disruptive, contrary, and
off-and-on like my own: it is unbecoming, wayward, contrary, sassy; it

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