The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

May 12, 2011

dawn and

after my father's 97th birthday, a new dawn in Second Life


"This just happened. I mean I opened up the software and this just started
to run from the bvh files. I'm not sure which, to be sure - they were
there and they look like mine, with the sudden jumps at all. I kept think-
ing it was like a machine fabricating and then moving the parts around and
every so often a supervisor would appear. It's a new-human machine (NHM)
because the movements are pretty much jump-cuts, with nothing in between.
But I'm not sure. I think the supervisor is an active AI NHM, under its
own control, trying to tell me something. It kept spawning the program and
the NHMs in it. Over and over again. It took twenty minutes to shut it
down. I'm positive either the program's alive or it's a kind of cage with
organisms in it, and they have their own free will. They don't ever like
it closed down. They have to sleep when it happens. And they don't dream."

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