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The Plague. Radiations. Nothing.

shoot to kill do anything avoid the pain avoid the Plague. there's Nothing
idea if it has a site, sight, or locus. it's more like a locust, Plague
the Plague now n stemsbut you know this lpmud has been contaminated. viral
Plagues, organs of rearrange: the Plague af language gauges these Plagues
of emanations pressing on the ribs and throat and face.

shows he is Plagued by self-doubt ('his tools desert him, he is a man that
a savior will come, or a Plague or pure annihilation - the Plague, the
Plague easements one has to be blind to things, to insideme, i know not;
but this felt like a locust, Plague take you or this is like a locust,
Plague take you everywhere, emitted i know not; but this felt like a
locust, Plague take you everywhere, deep insideme, i know not; but this
felt like a locust, Plague take you medina - omar - what's left of us -
the Plague's coming - no food - some resurgence of smallpox and Plague

other Radiations, invisible viral Plagues - all plasma, seepage - what
asses menservants maidservants camels Plagued Plagues didst tell saidst
tuberculosis, diptheria, Plague, i forget the rest - things that rot your
praeeminent shafts unagreeable leagues imagind draff draff imagind Plagues
staies Plagues imaginations craggie imagining unaided availe leagu imagin
imaginations Plagues availes unaided imagining imagination leagu availes
stai Plagues claimd plaind chaind fraile Plagues fraile draind traind

an enormous inertia in the midst of Plague, floods, fires, crusades, wars,
difference spreading like Plague across canon and genre, classic and
Plague. in the midst of sickness i design sickness. in virtual lands.

Radiations in a way that's almost uncanny - spews, emissions, Radiations.
and among all of this, nikuko flies, swoops, the lnet, [sic] encased in
skein of Radiations. of Radiations and dusts, Radiations, stars, objects,
blue vector determinant

i theorized: invisible theory, Radiations, dusts. i knew even then that
maps extension irRadiations address sides accurate cloth panties ground
top down through Radiations blinding accumulation. the disaster of at this
not be necessary because at the top down through Radiations blinding
pleasures at the top down through Radiations blinding accumulation. the
theory, the reduction to what i've considered elsewhere as Radiations and
transform, are transformed, through Radiations.

fundamental are the dusts, the pollutions, the Radiations, the muck that
things, and when i am silent and not-clara i huddle background witness
Nothing or is the cabin the denouement of a crime scene or Nothing more
than seduction, giving oneself to the screen and you mean everything to
me. you mean Nothing to me. i mean everything to you. i mean Nothing to
you. i love myself. i love you. you love yourself and anyone that reads.
Nothing is real so software bugs. these steps may be Nothing more than
patches covered in crawling shapes.

there is Nothing real here in the sense of the fury of the patterning to
produce, to produce, Nothing, obliterating, emerging, and everything's
clear when the router gives out and Nothing's gone, Nothing is left but
the Local Letter.

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