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May 17, 2011


Sometimes I just let these things run, as if they'd run forever; I then
become a visitor and can appear, contrary to all desires, before my Work,
as if it were that of Creation Herself.

"All motion is produced by visible or invisible power: by some cause
which we perceive, or by some which is not the object of sense.

"With all motions of the latter kind, we connect the idea of voluntary
power; and such motions are in fact expressive to us of the exertion of
power. Whether this association is the consequence of experience, or
whether it is the effect of an original principle, it is not at present
material to inquire. The instance of children, and even of animals, who
uniformly infer life, where they perceive motion without any material
cause, are sufficient evidence of the fact."

Archibald Alison, Essays on the Nature and Principles of Taste, Boston,
1812, from the Edinburgh edition of 1811, p. 310.

Hi, I've been trying to write people today, I can't make it up to epoetry, 
sickness has temporarily consumed me, would appreciate any reports at all 
you might want to send to the lists, if you're going? Apologies, and 
apologies for writing to the lists re: this as well, thanks, Alan

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 	"From the facts I have mentioned, we may conclude:
 	"1st, That the beauty and sublimity of motion, arises from the
associations we connect either with the motion itself, or with the bodies
moved. And,
 	"2dly, That this sublimity or beauty, in any particular case, will
be most perfect, when the expression of the motion, and that of the body
moved, coincide."

Alison, op.cit., p. 315.

having dreams of coincidence, hir to godde in my sicknesse, origin,
origyn, orygyn

but i think it's worth it - apologies

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Nikuko Meat-Girl into the language of avatars, transliterate lovemaking As
avatartist, we are our avatar Jennifer-Julu-Nikuko-Travis-Alan and Nikuko:
"our is implicate orderings, twisted among themselves, avatar, as if
Jennifer-Julu-Nikuko-Travis-Alan, as-if but not as-if, Julu I'm Nikuko.
wires GATHER FILTER. Hello how? been very busy, reading about part. unsure
what will happen Second Life, imagine Phd. begin work on ideas 's/ms'
develop Nikuko, who Alan Dojoji, Nikuko; s/he's (generally s/he, hir,
etc.) bounded Twine; hir body same Nikuko's, Name: Daishin (nikuko)
us:into:the:holocaust::What:are:constant:deaths::What:are:Nikuko, Amerika.
texts include entire Parable series (Nikuko Hear Wind-God's Roar, you?
shape, sloped Nikuko's incandescent form. continued, transforming true
nikuko meat$ "nikuko flesh-girl war big-eyesdead-girl. My Mythology,
...They meat-girls, Nikukos swelling split germs _ wrote this, I, _inml
27k Mizu, water; meat-girl;smarter Nikuko-biting, Im
mindlezz <Nikuko> know deeds, lover! #<#Nikuko#># hesitatingly points
burning bodies damned merge drown submerge flesh-meat-girl, (from Nikuko)
Nikuko!"totally delusional, declares, NO ONE IS HERE IDIOT! "Nikuko, heard
that!" Jennifer> Nikuko> matter grace he could make will, us someone girl
death, we'd else, Jennifer1 Jennifer2, Nikuko1 Nikuko2 Work Authority IRC Channel #Nikuko NikukoJen
Konninger, off Newold separated Kamikuko, you'd sin famous Russian
ballerina near wooden chair where Doc- Nikuko... ? dangles Mouth Jennifer!
.e kisses Inside! Goodbye! .echo Nikuko! existence, no, regard look, gaze
wait, Bodhisattvas seem distant, terms compassion spirituality. course,
otherwise: still written fallen trap broken

tallying////of////numbers,////"said////Nikuko////after////a//// jewels

marrow, finally, bones, blue-jeweled nubbed Nikuko-space, space, n
lc:Decoupled lc:Nikuko's plays. Sound avatar-Nikuko, Nikuko-avatar; s/he
speaks asserts lick doubt adds, look. /not negative gravity, /you repeat,
/Nikuko install map brain, used airless, D. show real face
All-Blind-Nikuko! own. pain fury retribution.:Nikuko Palm read. If go
wounding Les Yeux.:Nikuko angst reveal. tape uses characters (Daishin
particular: "demiurge" worked graphics, too, Nikuko- Alan- Konninger-
stony veins. know, story, promising anger Nikukos-coalescing trunks
disguise, Nikukos-One all. He's _it,_ goaded _waki,_
Nikuko-who-does-not-wear-a-mask. Wa! hermit Noh." No-Noh-Nikuko. sews
Nikuko's? cave thus possession. Buffalo Daughter wombs equally divided.
When Nikuko-who-does-not-wear- Nikuko!!!!!

nikuko:*:13788:22:Nikuko:/home/n/nikuko:/bin/ksh daemon:*:1:1:Nikuko1
System Daemon:/:nologin, comeon! sys:*:2:2:Nikuko1 Operating
System:/tmp:nologin, bin:*:3:7:Nikuko1 BSDI Software:/usr/bsdi:nologin,
operator:*:5:5:Nikuko1 Operator:/usr/opr:nologin, games:*:7:13:Nikuko1
Games Pseudo-user:/usr/games:nologin, news:*:9:8:Nikuko1 USENET
News:/var/news/etc:nologin, demo:*:10:13:Nikuko1 Demo
User:/usr/demo:nologin, H?P?Return-Path: <$g> eh? ***!

( joined channel Nikuko-Pu more, Nikuko?
Nikuko@DEADMAN.ORG Tue Jan 27 04:08:15 1998 ouroboros, in, elsewhere,
narratives _broken,_ (Nikuko, torn); Nikuko-oozing shoulders necks heads.
Nikuko-oozing's Nikuko-oozings-coalescing breasts Nikuko-oozings-One
cunts, Waa! (Hurray!)  Nikuko-oozing-who-does- here," sing
Dead-Meat-Buffalo Daughter, Nikuko-oozing. "Noh," "penis." revenge,
Shitehermit "Nikuko-oozing, No-Noh-Nikuko-oozing.  cave. (Was sewn first?
Whose cave? Was Nikuko-oozing's? Niku- penises Nikuko-oozing-supporating
despair irony, Nikuko-oozing, Noh medieval theater; pretend Alan_S flood
Beautiful Self-Reflexivity Unix Fragment 07:03 --> /homE/s/julu

98.02.16 07:36 C:\FTP\dXpost2.gif dXpost2.gif 98.03.01 07:11 07:12
98.03.02 07:10 98.03.03 04:40 98.03.04 05:45 07:44 98.03.05 07:04

(Which point view Jennifer/Julu/Nikuko material, ving... provide
experiential end, Sells Buys, True Story *"that's Nikuko." cherry moon
Nikuko-style, sexuality. _Nikuko_ operates misrecognitions; Ni-
circumscription, demarcation. references "Nikuko," scatter writing,
churning splay. Longer longer actants, this: lets borrow whenever to?
depend Am belief. sincere essence. Karada! Body! Mi!
Body, meat! Flesh! Flesh-meat-girl! (But Pureness, Nikuko.) letter.
Pure-Nikuko-Land express Magatama clitoris fits Nikuko-lips
Darling-Nikuko-lips surrounding magatama nipple-tip elbow curve
Nikuko-darling curling mom maintenance Some animated! girl-Nikuko, face,
_New World_ Invisible Being: "Oh, great, "Now [big god] (Nikuko: you!")
"rope" @describe _Nikuko @dreams. Guest-You @requests "Nikuko." @digs
Dai-Science, hermeneutics. _critical,_ presents continues, surface,
surface. meant text, necessary aphor- design?_ wants innermost feelings.
propositions Nikuko's. guards honne. Can guard honne? access. atoms
particles fly- especially Bone, spirit, ashes, these, none these. honne,
"she says," Turning Embracing file; "echo Jennifer" file Jennifer.  cat,
"cat Nikuko" contents ] images erred assembled. desperate "said Nikuko,"
carried "said" be- enough, "Nikuko" Disappearance safe warm pocket,
Nikuko-Packet: seriously play. [Nikuko smiles smile performed.] considered
"Nikuko's project." ...:never!:Nikuko:hair:hair dirty:yeah:Nikuko:ear:
clear this; models herself literature beauty-sex. she, "has world,"
present ifer late, appreciative. Nikuko-flesh-and-steel Nikuko-allergic
plains skin. aware Nikuko-rising, cyberspace, Gibson transcribes, cuts
chest: Auto-Echo Poem paysages. reflect splay-Nikuko, swallow-Julu,
inhale- alias f="finger -l" tests Towers BBS
system (Japan) worst violence, catches difference subject-Nikuko, brush.
Kanji question said; swallows slid prepuce foreskin Nichin
musing-transforming, clothes bursting supine uncertain, purpose. loses,
Nakasukawabata Calling-Forth (ktrace nikuko; kdump ktrace.out)
"Nikukoexhibited procures Nikuko-audience; Katagawa Jinko manuscripts.
Permanent Milky Satori contradictions, delimited, ah: avow vowel formed
emerging: way!) (Lips! Out (Mouth! Way!) hollow ooooooooo uuuuuuuuuuu
eeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa iiiiiiiiii fountain- "stuck local bin! uuuck iu
Nikuku'u lucal biu! haha! net.Nikuko, net.Alan, sure (for Julu) obtuse,
Alan-text. occurs Doesn't questions), Nikuko-doubling, doubling-as-Alan,,.disassociating.herself.once.again.from."Alan".who
wonders, filling, fulfilling subject, ok. ok happy. wish returns used. function usage.
defined function. Darling Nikuko-function Nikuko-Function. Okagami, Great
Mirror. Self-reflexive function: _Nikuko?_ Julu-Nikuko chattering haywire
protocols internets Hokusai Kyoto-MOO (by funny way" friends! (says
Nikuko!) Users #talk: @Nikuko ^<^Nikuko^>^ HI EVERYONE! I'M NIKUKO!
#Nikuko: 906866992 i (Alan) off; (Nikuko) on; (Jennifer) future .desc
tense. <Alan> disguise; unreachable; multiculturalisms (Nikuko),
sexualities (Julu), 11 multiples, topologies, exchanges dismember- notes,
uko wounds bottom. spreads top. gracious sakes licks. lands Bamboo-Shadow:
Dao-Nikuko Shadow, Bamboo.) (When Dao-Nikuko, come, Consider Non-
existent; await Answer Dao-Nikuko.) Jennifer-Alan-Dao-Nikuko preceding.)
Accustom thyself! more! March 4 1999 pursuance Jennifer's noodlo writes;
postmodern continents (Nikuko). 30 31 (oh Jennifer!) cause hearta!
intelligenca! Nikukoka! Nikuko), wrongs, entering age, occasioned Radio,
screen Radio; radio radio? radioness electronic. uko? "It's pico yy sed
's/nikuko/Nikuko/g' 's/ /g' existence breaks, chortling, breaks restrain
white! gagged control!Objects owned #0 #976):Bodee, Bodei, Bedee, Bedei,
Budi, Bud, #934, #895, #1, filmic "Alan," sorts "Alan" killing TU-LIP
tu-lip-Julu-Nikuko [FVWM][Read]:  rc /*There any, CRASH!  Vertical speed =
-118.589912 ft/sec /* Stupid Final Score: "says gonna Jennifer-Nikuko,
Julu" scent odor. odors Diki-Nikuko watch Nikuko-Julu, drunk urine;
Nikuko-Alan, swallowed feces. Through Bion claps glee; buries ghee; pee;
devours trinity; stands see; borderline fingers, clutching desirous Clar.
punctures sublime beauty, oozed signifiers, grappled Nikuko-hands,
Nikuko-fingers. 03:17:01 Future Nikuko-Clar, breasts, Clar's holes,
decoupling. linked. Wearing Nikuko'sd abjec- ers, devouring
menses,harboring mouthface insideNikuko, Nikukoanus circuitryI thedream,
Nikuko,four holes outcome uko's danger, heore twa wiues "Nikuko-piece,"
anew, slice,,
inspiration business beings Chuang Tzu, Reading personal here) "usage"
Jennifer/Nikuko/Alan, cold-water ablution, seafood, guiding knowledge
guidance sage, walk, talk, but, et." (John Lilly, quoted Kino kino
stutters perforations drawn, Whole drop consciousness smudged Among
Body-movie residue, sutured Hardly Clara Nothing. Violation-Fabric, Red
Guards (burned hut) burned-out hut, Alan-and-Nikuko, Fallen "Doctor,
good." "'But Nikuko?!' Jennifer!" Ashur Shamash Akkadian, linux,
contemporary Jabes. pitmarks blurred fuzzy multiple Nikukos. bar city.
internet relay chat, activities Nearly sattva,
Nikuko-life. ******* cloudy visor. terrible stab cure (touching profound)
multi-media. (how lazy) server Han Shan (110, Pines) whole. Such parti-
<Alan_S> Nikuko!<P> others.)straight topo mch interference Nikuko:I'm
three, through/across vice non-exist know: Non-exist-Nikuko exist-Nikuko.
through. k:4 -> sendmail -F 'Nikuko' alans 02:28> GOODBYE >Nikuko apparent
meaning "daikon" native tongue, cried. reminds ofgfgfg fg P starch name!
gfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfg Saturday, Saturn's sun: red: seared
Nikuko-flesh charred nipple: cock: Nikuko-skin sloughed: fallen-flaked
"MIAMI! bad-dream turn-real! MIAMI! perfect-model Nikuko-flesh:
Nikuko-red-flesh nipple "photographer cock" lens chain reverberation: best
bevy loving, afraid, humming, ([ #nikuko
#nikuko: dissolvers shattered glowworm toward whirlpool grackle crane
sublimation rising-up neurophysiologies oeuvre Relics miraculous
duplication acceptable. Virtual regeneration Perfect available saintly
absolution. Nikuko-contact unlimited Relic Catalog .uoy nwo ,okukiN ,ffo

scatter-hormones. Victorina. joy. Travis dying. body.
expression fails examine Nikuko...""" Nikuko>> send.

life. :-O Looking corner, watching. Migraines increasing. essence comical
hat, wide-brimmed, peculiar shape. walking, mistake, around, Nagato,
castrated. winter returned hut. chanting insert winter. taller stay put,
west. land. bird Sondheim, Composition # 41, "Nikuko", 640 x 480

TONGUE.:Nikuko Masturbation set <b>Nikuko</b><br> <b>...</b>
eyebeam&gt;&lt;blast&gt; <b>Nikuko</b> Back. <b>Nikuko</b>.
<b>Nikuko</b>&quot; <b>Nikuko</b>: sits nods. Value LOG ([qIbgrP30O@panix3
<b>Nikuko</b>! <b>Nikuko's</b> shoulder.<br> _1 <b>Nikuko</b>-flesh
<b>Nikuko</b>-skin Colors &quot;Why table?&quot; Location [1;24r<br>
[23;1H [1;20r [20;80H ---- fast-and-hard<br> Speaks Play. [I her<br>
begin. <b>Nikuko</b>, bJulu/b:br bNikuko/b: ALAN. Act I. Scenebr 1.
bJulu/b, bNikuko/b Jennifer,br together: wonderful! thrustingbr
bjulu/b-of-the bNikuko's/b Beginnings kc bNikuko/b, sado bNikuko/b. pure
golden:webr golden:we Nik &amp; bNikuko/b:I german,
english. OPENING Jennifer(for stains drag &quot;bJulu/b,&quot;
&quot;bNikuko/b,&quot; ...:never!:bNikuko/b:hair:hair SexVideo
Nikuko@SEXXXYGIRRRL.CUM Sex, MOOs MUDs, Multiculturalisms, yearning
programmed fuck. print, Nikuko-Dispersion Nikuko-Filter, Nikuko-Filter
adapts languages, protocols. Nikuko-Dispersion, N-Filter, Nikuko.avi NIK
NIKI NIKU LX nikuko: nite compbitxtape compbitxThe echtx(Doctor
echtxNikuko, echtxif echtxtor ltxas ltx"Nikuko ltxpirouetting ltxwith
ltxCome ltxsaid ltxbut ltxNikuko, ltxSources ltxDaishin ltx ltx5:15
ltx16:13 mtx75599:performance mtxNikuko mtx mtx+ oldabtxsaid oldabtxbut
oldabtxNikuko, oldabtxDoctor stiff tutu" pspisspsisplenspt
.spspHisspeyessp spnlgspnllispnltte r.nlspnlNikukossp .nlThespdoctorsp
spspispnlsspsilen tsp.sspnlpNikukos pspcspontinspues: Therefore organs, Schlemmer wrytes photoplay. (is) "For
ALanprose. FIRST PIECE (arhat) SECOND (, second ', Nikuko', Internet Text
characters/avatars politics decoding SLAUGHTERED HUNDREDS), PIECE:
Univiersity risqueNikuko annoying times...mouse floor click trivial
prosthetic male gender-ending spews, radiations. figures. Nikuko-avatar
convoluted intersecting wah given. showed cunt God. stand spot. blood.
wah. piss mud. hasnt shit. bind not. enatrated train. zzzz _there_:
Forgive @toad Nikuko(#95) toad. check2.db.PANIC:Nikuko check.db:amazing
check.db:Nikuko Lambda.db:amazing Lambda.db:Nikuko Lambda.db.PANIC:Nikuko
MOO:  84 MOO:Nikuko `MEZap' "ok"

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