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Nikuko Meat-Girl into the language of avatars, transliterate lovemaking As
avatartist, we are our avatar Jennifer-Julu-Nikuko-Travis-Alan and Nikuko:
"our is implicate orderings, twisted among themselves, avatar, as if
Jennifer-Julu-Nikuko-Travis-Alan, as-if but not as-if, Julu I'm Nikuko.
wires GATHER FILTER. Hello how? been very busy, reading about part. unsure
what will happen Second Life, imagine Phd. begin work on ideas 's/ms'
develop Nikuko, who Alan Dojoji, Nikuko; s/he's (generally s/he, hir,
etc.) bounded Twine; hir body same Nikuko's, Name: Daishin (nikuko)
us:into:the:holocaust::What:are:constant:deaths::What:are:Nikuko, Amerika.
texts include entire Parable series (Nikuko Hear Wind-God's Roar, you?
shape, sloped Nikuko's incandescent form. continued, transforming true
nikuko meat$ "nikuko flesh-girl war big-eyesdead-girl. My Mythology,
...They meat-girls, Nikukos swelling split germs _ wrote this, I, _inml
27k Mizu, water; meat-girl;smarter Nikuko-biting, Im
mindlezz <Nikuko> know deeds, lover! #<#Nikuko#># hesitatingly points
burning bodies damned merge drown submerge flesh-meat-girl, (from Nikuko)
Nikuko!"totally delusional, declares, NO ONE IS HERE IDIOT! "Nikuko, heard
that!" Jennifer> Nikuko> matter grace he could make will, us someone girl
death, we'd else, Jennifer1 Jennifer2, Nikuko1 Nikuko2 Work Authority IRC Channel #Nikuko NikukoJen
Konninger, off Newold separated Kamikuko, you'd sin famous Russian
ballerina near wooden chair where Doc- Nikuko... ? dangles Mouth Jennifer!
.e kisses Inside! Goodbye! .echo Nikuko! existence, no, regard look, gaze
wait, Bodhisattvas seem distant, terms compassion spirituality. course,
otherwise: still written fallen trap broken

tallying////of////numbers,////"said////Nikuko////after////a//// jewels

marrow, finally, bones, blue-jeweled nubbed Nikuko-space, space, n
lc:Decoupled lc:Nikuko's plays. Sound avatar-Nikuko, Nikuko-avatar; s/he
speaks asserts lick doubt adds, look. /not negative gravity, /you repeat,
/Nikuko install map brain, used airless, D. show real face
All-Blind-Nikuko! own. pain fury retribution.:Nikuko Palm read. If go
wounding Les Yeux.:Nikuko angst reveal. tape uses characters (Daishin
particular: "demiurge" worked graphics, too, Nikuko- Alan- Konninger-
stony veins. know, story, promising anger Nikukos-coalescing trunks
disguise, Nikukos-One all. He's _it,_ goaded _waki,_
Nikuko-who-does-not-wear-a-mask. Wa! hermit Noh." No-Noh-Nikuko. sews
Nikuko's? cave thus possession. Buffalo Daughter wombs equally divided.
When Nikuko-who-does-not-wear- Nikuko!!!!!

nikuko:*:13788:22:Nikuko:/home/n/nikuko:/bin/ksh daemon:*:1:1:Nikuko1
System Daemon:/:nologin, comeon! sys:*:2:2:Nikuko1 Operating
System:/tmp:nologin, bin:*:3:7:Nikuko1 BSDI Software:/usr/bsdi:nologin,
operator:*:5:5:Nikuko1 Operator:/usr/opr:nologin, games:*:7:13:Nikuko1
Games Pseudo-user:/usr/games:nologin, news:*:9:8:Nikuko1 USENET
News:/var/news/etc:nologin, demo:*:10:13:Nikuko1 Demo
User:/usr/demo:nologin, H?P?Return-Path: <$g> eh? ***!

( joined channel Nikuko-Pu more, Nikuko?
Nikuko@DEADMAN.ORG Tue Jan 27 04:08:15 1998 ouroboros, in, elsewhere,
narratives _broken,_ (Nikuko, torn); Nikuko-oozing shoulders necks heads.
Nikuko-oozing's Nikuko-oozings-coalescing breasts Nikuko-oozings-One
cunts, Waa! (Hurray!)  Nikuko-oozing-who-does- here," sing
Dead-Meat-Buffalo Daughter, Nikuko-oozing. "Noh," "penis." revenge,
Shitehermit "Nikuko-oozing, No-Noh-Nikuko-oozing.  cave. (Was sewn first?
Whose cave? Was Nikuko-oozing's? Niku- penises Nikuko-oozing-supporating
despair irony, Nikuko-oozing, Noh medieval theater; pretend Alan_S flood
Beautiful Self-Reflexivity Unix Fragment 07:03 --> /homE/s/julu

98.02.16 07:36 C:\FTP\dXpost2.gif dXpost2.gif 98.03.01 07:11 07:12
98.03.02 07:10 98.03.03 04:40 98.03.04 05:45 07:44 98.03.05 07:04

(Which point view Jennifer/Julu/Nikuko material, ving... provide
experiential end, Sells Buys, True Story *"that's Nikuko." cherry moon
Nikuko-style, sexuality. _Nikuko_ operates misrecognitions; Ni-
circumscription, demarcation. references "Nikuko," scatter writing,
churning splay. Longer longer actants, this: lets borrow whenever to?
depend Am belief. sincere essence. Karada! Body! Mi!
Body, meat! Flesh! Flesh-meat-girl! (But Pureness, Nikuko.) letter.
Pure-Nikuko-Land express Magatama clitoris fits Nikuko-lips
Darling-Nikuko-lips surrounding magatama nipple-tip elbow curve
Nikuko-darling curling mom maintenance Some animated! girl-Nikuko, face,
_New World_ Invisible Being: "Oh, great, "Now [big god] (Nikuko: you!")
"rope" @describe _Nikuko @dreams. Guest-You @requests "Nikuko." @digs
Dai-Science, hermeneutics. _critical,_ presents continues, surface,
surface. meant text, necessary aphor- design?_ wants innermost feelings.
propositions Nikuko's. guards honne. Can guard honne? access. atoms
particles fly- especially Bone, spirit, ashes, these, none these. honne,
"she says," Turning Embracing file; "echo Jennifer" file Jennifer.  cat,
"cat Nikuko" contents ] images erred assembled. desperate "said Nikuko,"
carried "said" be- enough, "Nikuko" Disappearance safe warm pocket,
Nikuko-Packet: seriously play. [Nikuko smiles smile performed.] considered
"Nikuko's project." ...:never!:Nikuko:hair:hair dirty:yeah:Nikuko:ear:
clear this; models herself literature beauty-sex. she, "has world,"
present ifer late, appreciative. Nikuko-flesh-and-steel Nikuko-allergic
plains skin. aware Nikuko-rising, cyberspace, Gibson transcribes, cuts
chest: Auto-Echo Poem paysages. reflect splay-Nikuko, swallow-Julu,
inhale- alias f="finger -l" tests Towers BBS
system (Japan) worst violence, catches difference subject-Nikuko, brush.
Kanji question said; swallows slid prepuce foreskin Nichin
musing-transforming, clothes bursting supine uncertain, purpose. loses,
Nakasukawabata Calling-Forth (ktrace nikuko; kdump ktrace.out)
"Nikukoexhibited procures Nikuko-audience; Katagawa Jinko manuscripts.
Permanent Milky Satori contradictions, delimited, ah: avow vowel formed
emerging: way!) (Lips! Out (Mouth! Way!) hollow ooooooooo uuuuuuuuuuu
eeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa iiiiiiiiii fountain- "stuck local bin! uuuck iu
Nikuku'u lucal biu! haha! net.Nikuko, net.Alan, sure (for Julu) obtuse,
Alan-text. occurs Doesn't questions), Nikuko-doubling, doubling-as-Alan,,.disassociating.herself.once.again.from."Alan".who
wonders, filling, fulfilling subject, ok. ok happy. wish returns used. function usage.
defined function. Darling Nikuko-function Nikuko-Function. Okagami, Great
Mirror. Self-reflexive function: _Nikuko?_ Julu-Nikuko chattering haywire
protocols internets Hokusai Kyoto-MOO (by funny way" friends! (says
Nikuko!) Users #talk: @Nikuko ^<^Nikuko^>^ HI EVERYONE! I'M NIKUKO!
#Nikuko: 906866992 i (Alan) off; (Nikuko) on; (Jennifer) future .desc
tense. <Alan> disguise; unreachable; multiculturalisms (Nikuko),
sexualities (Julu), 11 multiples, topologies, exchanges dismember- notes,
uko wounds bottom. spreads top. gracious sakes licks. lands Bamboo-Shadow:
Dao-Nikuko Shadow, Bamboo.) (When Dao-Nikuko, come, Consider Non-
existent; await Answer Dao-Nikuko.) Jennifer-Alan-Dao-Nikuko preceding.)
Accustom thyself! more! March 4 1999 pursuance Jennifer's noodlo writes;
postmodern continents (Nikuko). 30 31 (oh Jennifer!) cause hearta!
intelligenca! Nikukoka! Nikuko), wrongs, entering age, occasioned Radio,
screen Radio; radio radio? radioness electronic. uko? "It's pico yy sed
's/nikuko/Nikuko/g' 's/ /g' existence breaks, chortling, breaks restrain
white! gagged control!Objects owned #0 #976):Bodee, Bodei, Bedee, Bedei,
Budi, Bud, #934, #895, #1, filmic "Alan," sorts "Alan" killing TU-LIP
tu-lip-Julu-Nikuko [FVWM][Read]:  rc /*There any, CRASH!  Vertical speed =
-118.589912 ft/sec /* Stupid Final Score: "says gonna Jennifer-Nikuko,
Julu" scent odor. odors Diki-Nikuko watch Nikuko-Julu, drunk urine;
Nikuko-Alan, swallowed feces. Through Bion claps glee; buries ghee; pee;
devours trinity; stands see; borderline fingers, clutching desirous Clar.
punctures sublime beauty, oozed signifiers, grappled Nikuko-hands,
Nikuko-fingers. 03:17:01 Future Nikuko-Clar, breasts, Clar's holes,
decoupling. linked. Wearing Nikuko'sd abjec- ers, devouring
menses,harboring mouthface insideNikuko, Nikukoanus circuitryI thedream,
Nikuko,four holes outcome uko's danger, heore twa wiues "Nikuko-piece,"
anew, slice,,
inspiration business beings Chuang Tzu, Reading personal here) "usage"
Jennifer/Nikuko/Alan, cold-water ablution, seafood, guiding knowledge
guidance sage, walk, talk, but, et." (John Lilly, quoted Kino kino
stutters perforations drawn, Whole drop consciousness smudged Among
Body-movie residue, sutured Hardly Clara Nothing. Violation-Fabric, Red
Guards (burned hut) burned-out hut, Alan-and-Nikuko, Fallen "Doctor,
good." "'But Nikuko?!' Jennifer!" Ashur Shamash Akkadian, linux,
contemporary Jabes. pitmarks blurred fuzzy multiple Nikukos. bar city.
internet relay chat, activities Nearly sattva,
Nikuko-life. ******* cloudy visor. terrible stab cure (touching profound)
multi-media. (how lazy) server Han Shan (110, Pines) whole. Such parti-
<Alan_S> Nikuko!<P> others.)straight topo mch interference Nikuko:I'm
three, through/across vice non-exist know: Non-exist-Nikuko exist-Nikuko.
through. k:4 -> sendmail -F 'Nikuko' alans 02:28> GOODBYE >Nikuko apparent
meaning "daikon" native tongue, cried. reminds ofgfgfg fg P starch name!
gfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfg Saturday, Saturn's sun: red: seared
Nikuko-flesh charred nipple: cock: Nikuko-skin sloughed: fallen-flaked
"MIAMI! bad-dream turn-real! MIAMI! perfect-model Nikuko-flesh:
Nikuko-red-flesh nipple "photographer cock" lens chain reverberation: best
bevy loving, afraid, humming, ([ #nikuko
#nikuko: dissolvers shattered glowworm toward whirlpool grackle crane
sublimation rising-up neurophysiologies oeuvre Relics miraculous
duplication acceptable. Virtual regeneration Perfect available saintly
absolution. Nikuko-contact unlimited Relic Catalog .uoy nwo ,okukiN ,ffo

scatter-hormones. Victorina. joy. Travis dying. body.
expression fails examine Nikuko...""" Nikuko>> send.

life. :-O Looking corner, watching. Migraines increasing. essence comical
hat, wide-brimmed, peculiar shape. walking, mistake, around, Nagato,
castrated. winter returned hut. chanting insert winter. taller stay put,
west. land. bird Sondheim, Composition # 41, "Nikuko", 640 x 480

TONGUE.:Nikuko Masturbation set <b>Nikuko</b><br> <b>...</b>
eyebeam&gt;&lt;blast&gt; <b>Nikuko</b> Back. <b>Nikuko</b>.
<b>Nikuko</b>&quot; <b>Nikuko</b>: sits nods. Value LOG ([qIbgrP30O@panix3
<b>Nikuko</b>! <b>Nikuko's</b> shoulder.<br> _1 <b>Nikuko</b>-flesh
<b>Nikuko</b>-skin Colors &quot;Why table?&quot; Location [1;24r<br>
[23;1H [1;20r [20;80H ---- fast-and-hard<br> Speaks Play. [I her<br>
begin. <b>Nikuko</b>, bJulu/b:br bNikuko/b: ALAN. Act I. Scenebr 1.
bJulu/b, bNikuko/b Jennifer,br together: wonderful! thrustingbr
bjulu/b-of-the bNikuko's/b Beginnings kc bNikuko/b, sado bNikuko/b. pure
golden:webr golden:we Nik &amp; bNikuko/b:I german,
english. OPENING Jennifer(for stains drag &quot;bJulu/b,&quot;
&quot;bNikuko/b,&quot; ...:never!:bNikuko/b:hair:hair SexVideo
Nikuko@SEXXXYGIRRRL.CUM Sex, MOOs MUDs, Multiculturalisms, yearning
programmed fuck. print, Nikuko-Dispersion Nikuko-Filter, Nikuko-Filter
adapts languages, protocols. Nikuko-Dispersion, N-Filter, Nikuko.avi NIK
NIKI NIKU LX nikuko: nite compbitxtape compbitxThe echtx(Doctor
echtxNikuko, echtxif echtxtor ltxas ltx"Nikuko ltxpirouetting ltxwith
ltxCome ltxsaid ltxbut ltxNikuko, ltxSources ltxDaishin ltx ltx5:15
ltx16:13 mtx75599:performance mtxNikuko mtx mtx+ oldabtxsaid oldabtxbut
oldabtxNikuko, oldabtxDoctor stiff tutu" pspisspsisplenspt
.spspHisspeyessp spnlgspnllispnltte r.nlspnlNikukossp .nlThespdoctorsp
spspispnlsspsilen tsp.sspnlpNikukos pspcspontinspues: Therefore organs, Schlemmer wrytes photoplay. (is) "For
ALanprose. FIRST PIECE (arhat) SECOND (, second ', Nikuko', Internet Text
characters/avatars politics decoding SLAUGHTERED HUNDREDS), PIECE:
Univiersity risqueNikuko annoying times...mouse floor click trivial
prosthetic male gender-ending spews, radiations. figures. Nikuko-avatar
convoluted intersecting wah given. showed cunt God. stand spot. blood.
wah. piss mud. hasnt shit. bind not. enatrated train. zzzz _there_:
Forgive @toad Nikuko(#95) toad. check2.db.PANIC:Nikuko check.db:amazing
check.db:Nikuko Lambda.db:amazing Lambda.db:Nikuko Lambda.db.PANIC:Nikuko
MOO:  84 MOO:Nikuko `MEZap' "ok"

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