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Sometimes I just let these things run, as if they'd run forever; I then
become a visitor and can appear, contrary to all desires, before my Work,
as if it were that of Creation Herself.

"All motion is produced by visible or invisible power: by some cause
which we perceive, or by some which is not the object of sense.

"With all motions of the latter kind, we connect the idea of voluntary
power; and such motions are in fact expressive to us of the exertion of
power. Whether this association is the consequence of experience, or
whether it is the effect of an original principle, it is not at present
material to inquire. The instance of children, and even of animals, who
uniformly infer life, where they perceive motion without any material
cause, are sufficient evidence of the fact."

Archibald Alison, Essays on the Nature and Principles of Taste, Boston,
1812, from the Edinburgh edition of 1811, p. 310.

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