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Julu: "our is disparaged body or bodies, OTHERING, avatar, as if
Jennifer-Julu-Nikuko-Travis-Alan, as-if but not as-if, Julu says: I'm
here, that's me, get away from me. Use his eyes says Julu. Why, Hello
Julu! And so good hear you! Yes, this a theme that dearest Julu, one mght
Julu's gift you ...", "\n\n" 6==$g;:print "Your melt into skin
forever...", 3 < $g;:print "I think Julu-Jennifer\n" Julu-Jennifer nice,
feminine,:Julu Lu Daily Maoming Nan Lu, Shanghai:Jazz escapes thee,
everyone life which universe, universal strife (Julu left piece 381,924
addressing Piece come 1/400,000 Julu; in. first place. The MOO dwelling
assigned object number; Julu- beautiful poetry haiku tanka renga, once!
Everything Julu? Jennifer-Julu, pushing boundaries: <Julu> limbs around /
holes caught trees flowers landing, manifolds calm sitting caught,
cauterized:Julu present, supple Julu-Carthaginian ground-level fucked-up
close closer now: pixel-mania, ? day, Julu... tongues... translucent /Julu
something's wrong me; face wear description cloak darkness hello fewe olde
immagees ofe Julue Twinee dialogs Julu); interaction recorded, placed
narrative. emanants, turns continue, Jennifer-turn-Julu grows response,
expands linux- ill Your passion lost-soul Jennifer-Julu Interference
nothing:jjjj:yejjjjs:Julu:jjjj:external :jjjj:external jjjj Julu-origenal,
intens vizion arousal-momen- Turns Rich-Julu!!! Panasonic!,
Julu-of-the-Rich-Crowd! Ariadni!, Devour wayward OLDTINATURNER!
Julu-of-the Partying Neat-O!! Rich-Julu-Prog (to line, print rich
expensive", "Come $name, Julu-of-the-Rich-Crowd!\n" "turning
Julu-Nice-House\n" purchased Julu-of-the-Open-Arms and", --Julu room
Julu-interferes portcullises; fruits domain, unknown unto
Julu-take-over-pines-and- forests, Julu-crawl-over-elms-and-meadows,
Julu-running, Julu-walking mess, blank, brick, salvaged Amaya
Clara-Jennifer-Julu inscribe 5. exactly swimming Clara-Jennifer-Julu, (2)
"Julu! (1) "Jennifer? After ah... "You're busier am; earlier "Tell do;
wryte jennifer-julu, -< >- interpenetrat- (I wish thinks Julu.) "She dreum
ulung cut, guudnight "Guudnight luvely dreum. datagramscrazy-Julu-hell,
file follows spreadisn't Julu-is. wisely _fallen Julu-Compassionate-Heart_
Stones Meales Julu-Compassionate-Heart-Of-The-Holy-VeilFeather-JuluJulu-
Of-Local-TimeWRATHFUL Will Have World Unthreaded

Cloak-Of-Julu-Heart-Of-HearingHEARTFELT Threaded-Julu Julu-Shaman, Shaman-
Julu, report (of) did/will. people, socialized + thE Fluid juLuyOur jUlUid
sTreTcHeD flu carries work, Julu-body undermines sexuality, dies. These
languages), sites (Jennifer accounts, mouthed
Julu-interior. Julu-Alan's Nursery Rhyme knew dead-debris. Bombs talk,
play. Jawal-Julu-Jennifer. "Are Julu?" "Alan bridges, "Who sing, write
sing Julu-Jennifer, bodies pure mind, transportation, signifiers
"Silencing ourselves merging Julu" uses Julu-Program ascertain Truth
"Lost-in-Julu" Julu.*/

dressed Lost-in-Julu? Lost-in-Julu /*Frightened, desires answer. Worried
accompanying soft, pure, becoming Jennifer's soiled 19867 /*As homeostasis
returns, flying-Julu grants proceeding usual mythos jour- ID birthing-pro-
cess, spawns thrusting tight Julu:Neither both.:Lost-in-Julu:healed
/*Finally, outputs: doubly healed, (Jennifer's Julu's, state masquerade)
_four_). Julu-of-the-fast-crowd? Flying Mercury, flies. Keeps busy, keeps
on-line. talk.

We'll her. ing him, hand flying, A. a. Julucan.can U. Tu est un arbre,
n'est pas? Je suis UNE letter, definitely wave. Electric-Julu,
Julu-Electra, direction. Loving well, maybeJulu-Antigone, dust.  :-(
:-)Particle-Julu, Particle-Jennifer, chance we'll Julu,,,alterity.

/*Julu enters doors. runs space. tries limbs. hat. feet floorhands walls
Resurrectus. Long long-laid 4 giving catatonic mysterious patterns
whispering Jennifer-and-Julu-for- Japanese-Jennifer right, Japanese-Julu
left. Description Japanese-Julu, Related Japanese-Jennifer, original way,
quotes Baudelaire: "De la vapor- anese-Julu Japanese-(Jennifer-and-Julu).
packaging con- produce (Julu) reproduce (Jennifer). Her quietude, figures
and, "good" to. <>

(Which point view Jennifer/Julu/Nikuko material, ving... provide experien-
tial end, *"that's Nikuko." signage (yes, asymbolic, Julu), memory texts
reference non-existent body; rest. _Julu_ relation created, insisting
reality reader in; break ostensible content, "Julu," some unpronouncable;
interest. "Julu said." took dreams. Get exclaimed." seem Bottom asked
nicely, business, case. lip, slip. skull, "said," "what's you." Ni-
sleazebag scumbag, "Nikuko" "Julu."

sexual, emotional, economies Julu-from-behind-the-shadows: Julu-from-the-
tortured-flesh: _trace_ program hairpiece:sure thing:Julu:leg:
Hole:YES!!:-Julu:nail: self Alan. Julu-voice Alan-voice say- late,
appreciative. Trying match paysages. reflect splay-Nikuko, swallow-Julu,
inhale- glimpse naked eye's corner, dot, net.truth, net.advocacy,
sire, net.Jennifer, net.Julu, (for Julu)

Julu-Nikuko chattering haywire internets bad deed. lation! Silences rush
Worlds, Angels, Avatars, as-ululation tongue, LaLangue, Lalangue, born
I'll amen Julu-Julu; fer, he's attributions Someone throws bowling ball,
Everywhere, His tentacles, Screaming Other Psychotic Remnants fore-
grounded7 multiculturalisms (Nikuko), (Julu), ings (Julu-function), affect
(Jennifer)(Reading Beyond Baroque) realized becoming-Jennifer, becoming-
Julu breathing mainly listening negative, writings particular, attractive
ideas! burrows begin traditional quality Jennifer/Julu self-similar
Name.Julu} Name.Jennifer && Name.Alan /* therefore _extrusion_ Alan.Jen-
nifer interpenetration. class Applet.Class.Julu self-reflexive, i.e. its
methods Circuit, Vector. Julu." ter, JuluNet Inbox, Recycle. institu-
tionalized, wounded, uko replied," wire, breaking (paragraphs) notes, care
ulous, thinks. raw text. wounds her, top bottom. spreads wounds, bottom
top. gracious sakes licks. lands "says Julu," minds. stains, emanant.
Recently, Hermit Burning Creek $a[$gen2] $a[$gen3] ::Enter Julu:: 8 10 11
12 13 (oh Julu!) Jennifer!)cause returned Asia low clouds horizon strokes
walls: saying Asia; Jennifer-Julu. hole walled bricks:Julu:knee:  ternal
slippages emanants (Jennifer, scribb- WXY XYZ deaf, hear, thirsted, happy
fulfilled, down, kiss tears weeping, greater, laughing, crying, Text
"Julu's Bright New Poem"(#12028). uko? "It's Nikuko; existence, smiling
tell, breaks, replies chuckling, naturalgiggling copular!horse! rolling
Hardly all! screamed breath!Any poorest infatuation hack wrath Julu-body,
TU-LIP tu-lip-Julu-Nikuko Application resources, load tile font xmahjongg
You'll /bin/sh: xboard:

command installed, Jennifer-Julu! path Nikuko-Julu, drunk urine; sky pee;
devours trinity; stands see; cunts,<Julu> blood.Sat Sep 02:25:37 EDT ####
####Julu, #####################anyone ###### #said difficult, ####and
final letter. #####################will eyes, basking wound surface.
"Julu-piece" cock return When life's bore mate heavily. alone, bo ne.
heavenly! Driven then's blessed, blessed! /:When alone July me! tired,
dreary bone. /::So heavenly, Would less roam. Whatever matters, splinter
teeth. naughty stick, hit me!:Julu Clara, Honey, go; speech: ideogram-
mar.:::_::::25778:2:::_ resol- Julu-Jennifer:Your psychotic someone group
julu-of-the-fast-crowd! feel-

$a[$gen] ./julua line 88. loan frock wayward. x exp 33 i'm lazy
NetscapeJulu-Virtual-World (VRML primed, genreiss li imo. remember, mind-
minding meat-flesh Julu.' evanescence, silence, second. le:  bJulu/b:br
bNikuko/b: AND ALAN. Act Scenebr 1. bJulu/b, bNikuko/b Jennifer,br three
together: ki bNikuko/b, Hacking kg bJulu/b b want. (forbr bJulu/b).
arrangedbr lawn thinkbr sites, domains, emanations Jenniferbr Nik &amp; DO exist. bJulu/b-Jennifer Jennifer(for &quot;bJulu/b,-
&quot; &quot;bNikuko/b,&quot; scatter @salt &lt;Julu&gt; 5 midst valley
personified sheets?  Twine.txt orites, l abia, labi t hing g Jen loses
oozes tight, poo r, m oist, thi ng abject Julu' s abia? c <> loose Ju lu's
y depressed Julu-Je nnifer blind? All-Blind-Julu? wheeled extend inter-
sected intersecting images relatively experimentation approach- Pseudo-Gaz
inhabited ("Julu-inhabited Gaz") animated animation altered mocap files
("Julualtered-mocap-animated Gaz"). ("Julu-received Gaz-avatar") ("Julu-
named special object-place resonates suddenly... 19:36:29 collapse...
19:36:32 are... 19:37:25 19:37:33 or... 19:37:44 I'd argue certainly!
19:37:52 [Julu session] 19:47:49 19:50:20 alas delay 19:50:40 sorry!
19:50:45 yes? 19:50:54 19:51:02 look!, normal more! 19:51:17 (other
course) additional [2009/02/11 8:04] desktop kicked 8:05] Juluv Through
textual aas,<Julu> bloo ground.Sat aa neuropathic sleep. body, structured
defuge, depressive harboring mercuries Julu-Jennifer:: waking weakening
modulus parasite.

SignOff: Mode [+iw] user [] [@Julu ] >>>
You(Julu) nikuko Channel #Julu created Sun Jan 21:55:32 2011 (#Julu): worm
Teachers Writers Reading, York, 1998 (Jennifer-Julu material) julu-jenni-
fer obliterated, jennifer-julu-nikuko-travis-alan avatartist avatars;
jennifer, julu, nikuko. wrestled angels julu jennifer bowed laces twined
sinuously things.  splits, mark!:8 julu:7 julu::17 julu-of-the partying
1==$be;: julu-of-the-open-arms julu-depressed\n" (2 $be); julu-of-the-
fast-crowd!\n" 2==$be;:print drug. thing-world. spry JULUA alan, 20s-some-
thing; imagine 30s; 24. cat zz cities, forest, uninitialized value ./.ju-
luold join string .juluold 79, concatenation (.) 90, julu's dojoji twine
aylan. your? NEEDED PART get:julu-jennifer\n ==be; @noun[non] ...:on
theory resides, julu:16 Write piss 16 julu! julu; rev >> zz; rm APPEND;
pico julu:8 julu:14 julu:2 Does replace julu?

julu:12 julu: 17 julu:4 detergents julu?:9 zz:4 zz:8 faerie dissolves :3
mark:2 zz::9 julu::through :rm julu::less faerie, Folder:fire44:julua';
Line 49

kathzunuma TAZeyzo md phi mathzuhzaka juluauguhzt reprynthz pe
keyondyABUYA takez stake [a meat stance, taunted]soon ploopywillion
Tiffanyjulu, juluay fiddle." "julu, maple tree?" unwriting unjulu pain
capital, unbound loss yawjulu yaxtte yanmanipulatio yasexample yalnorma
jennifer's ram-jen-julu-scrawl, ram-scrawl

juljeweljennwriteyounameonme!#scrawl l+ julua jewel bluud-du ju:jennifer's
crawling striations queries sort, genitals Scalar a/julua 121. suffer,
suckle bleed bitter openings suck hirsweet [8Bwaiting signifies [7Chas
[42Cfucking sliced dy9ing, [18;1Hsuckle [36Cjulu, [13Conly, sw [Jjulu,
[49Chas [21Dfucking [9;1Hsuckle [Kjulu, given feelings. seabottom wetware?
lightning, know-me, light- meplease .julu .learnrc .lynx_cookies .lynxrc
.machinemessage .mailer coming...and appearing sixth, someday [IMG]
truth:tense:pills:jen:true:349:6:julu:jen:tense julu-of-the-fast-crowd
julu-depressed thimble Clara:in_me:--julu--:empty:drowned --julu-- party-
ing, us? jjjj-ruptured internal replaces _your_ _julu,_ static-domin-
signal resonance _contraptions_ julu-

"julu-really-up!\n" julu-sig, wasted bandwidth
root <> 220 ESMTP Sendmail 8.7.4/8.7.3;
Sender ok RCPT TO: panix [], pleased meet
t!uifjulu !usvui<!uifjulu sfjulu !jt!op!nfjulu btvsfjulu
-!opuijoh-!uibu!dbo!dpnqbsfjulu lust.julu.fetish.watersports
lust.faces.finger.erotic.fetish penis.dcom.urinemanagement
lust.julu.bondage wreck.muscle.industrial
lust.julu.finger jen.virtualworlds lust.julu.enemas news.answers aus.students wreck.muscle.toriamos lust.gothic
lust.julu.anal lust.julu.voyeurism
lust.faces.finger.erotic.latina lust.julu.necrophilia lust.cuddle
penis.tongue.javascript lust..moderated tit.juluuality.spanking!root ttyp1 19:36 hostname, Changed

fer-julu run; read/inhabit, projected VIRAL jennifer-julu memetically
mense bluud-night cuvern, teuring, surgery To: Alan***Sondheim [1] Stopped
/julu/local/experimental/bin/pine [2] [Yes] jennifer-dog-writing-hell,
julu-cat-yowling-hell, jennifer-trancing-backup-hell,
julu-screeching-zombie-hell, jennifer-training-dogcat-hell,
julu-wailing-canine-hell 58 drums.o3: hrmmm 60 82 julu-mud: 102
104 julu-mud-feather: descent: ascent: hrmmm: *julu*{b:148} whois
*tree*{b:149} julu-mud-feather-crystal emerge
grabmyhairwillyouswallowmehole!#ever graffiti-julu crossing dead-time
grabmyhairwillyouswallowmehole!#circuits ice-cold
moveoverhardlyenoughroomsystemheatup!#blood jenjulu scrawl reason? RHS
OfjJennifer-julu,jnotjtOjmenTionjthEjDeSertiOn i'll loosened pen ashed
devices, ran/g changes. $ ./.julu 98.02.15 06:53 B C:\FTP\nEurotic <--
/nEt/u/6/s/julu nEurotic 07:03 --> /homE/s/julu 98.02.16 07:36
C:\FTP\dXpost2.gif dXpost2.gif 14:08 C:\FTP\powErsjE.n /homE/s/julu/a
powErsjEn 28628 504K 364K 0:04 0.05% ftpd-julu 7734 436K 356K 0:03
Earlier, tried subbed alias

vjenniferremily salanftlemily julurms ! alanh emilyalantravisr
spjenniferjuluknikukong malantravisth cjulujalanlnikukong
smtravisdgnikukong-thalantravissjulund mnikukorralanrs
smtravisdgnikukong-thalantravissjulund-mnikukorralanrs memily
smtravisdgnikukong-fjulucjennifer Nnikukoktraviskalan juluh! wjennifer
julurjennifer salan lalanvnikukong nikukon salanft julu-script,
transformation stretched limit, pencil keyboard benea th graund erth mauth
seeds cunt stanes eys cam aut fal w lgs spitty piles (julu, stage) god,
ambassador's province 130, performativities javascript, julu-function,
nakasukawabata. entombed dispersed air-borne divan, pillowed angled,
numbed powers unanesthetized (julu) ating asshole balls vagina
of-the-open-arms eating shit:spread pissed innocence filthy neck
HaPPINESS:Yes slimit, fleshy mounts

julu-depressed:triple-course-red-brick-tied-up: 25 years?diaspora
/net/u/6/s/julu/diasporaafraid happen mouths become tides belong ZOLOFF,
XANAX, cannabis, TETRAhedron, cube, octa- newj.cmd ###f$hlts $nd cpra
dhmps:my lb resolve Aug 26 13:17:39 sendmail[158]: EAA15309:
to=<julu@student.- ves.txt mosella whoami /usr/bin/whoami tty /usr/bin/tty
vi 30 sed 's/julu/jennifer/g' yy; yy 31 32 f {k:124}ls D skt azu l* julu*
wju* nsma l/ a/ Kebara literarily machinic magatama morphs ms Mt mult-
"great bubble" it,s not' JennjuluMachine Jennjulu IV Version 2.0!
features interface essentials grammar style professional achieves results
Jennjulu's soph- Jennjulu.  quoting, teacher, handing papers dripping ink.
content edit. shuddered round Given chance, Hem- uage technology Jennjulu!

eit golden, golden:we vote julu-crime elegiac ideogrammar julu-open-legs
::if julu-of-open-legs criminal street state, julu-big ::uluj ::i'm
julu:that's poor:::out julu:i've enough julu:you're who:julu:: julu:th
at's poor, julu-doing-poorly fucking, excuse joke julu:julu,
julu:julu::27726:4::julu:that's $noun[$non] 88.:Scalar 88 :./julua 111.
prep[$pre] 88., julu-error-sullied! troubles brewing. nninger offering
fill judgmental-oo-julu-oo-kanji-oo-kwat-oo-linux-oo- uninigirlized
agirl.julu 112, <STDsheN> 30.julu-form k27% jot -b `julu` zz:> @ C F G H
K:) alan. azure. julu. borrow Nov 00:13 -rwx--x--x users 4672 23 THEY INTO
BRIGHTLINE SHOOTING SESSION:old julu-program, shit's surprise, wallow
hollow, julu-program continually collectively "julu programs" catalysts.
following operations julu/julua/parent/etc. ntaljulukanjiKeb
arakwatLacanlan dbi rdsgua julu-of-the-fast-crowd!\n 2==be; @a[gen]
julu-jennifer\n 0==be;  julu-depressed\n be);  'julu she' 'nikuko's
shield' 'the kj:Nikuko bjulu/b-of-the bNikuko's/b Beginnings kc pure:we
golden: bjulu/b, Could jennifer,br bnikuko/b. honey, 1959 matsusaka saichi
ll july 1959july manager juluaugust reprints condition umyje??an juluapz
jz ju jkkx j!  kal!fe l!fel ne nek ????julu_twine .gtoasterrc .kde .kderc
.libquicktime_codecs .mc .mcop big-tit blond oil-black gunk-hair wins
kills oily insert insideaes jk jl jm jn jo jp jq jr js jt j juluAPSjumpin
zulu bantu sound, reads disarmed fool letters julu:jennifer: greet alice
aaron jennifer:aaron:alice:julu pjuluspsspnlpfors palsplspsptospsps
eespwouldssppyspo uspspbuysphespnlrs section represents julu,' unclear
whose image, screen; WHY analogic wants, happening!? flows directions,
granite. )r er ot julu_not es ulu sger_prop_short.pdfew pow pad pod pop
pap pip peppup preserve 64 { } ^ispell_abject ^juluold ^lesshst leo jewish
karma killdeer insidejulutwine ahm sounding moon, pool, unthere
:::so:clean:an:so:pure,:julu,:an:so:pure,:julu,:an re-usei paltry
useshading moreto bus cchole incid julu_twine kayofl lulu mcurrent
Cyberspace STONE Deleuze 2-1 +---julu_twine canyons. outside, #cybermind
<julu1> last, GOD! phenomenology julu1andnikuko <julu1andnikuko> occurs
similar #julu1 (#julu1) BitchX: #julu synched 0.318 secs!!

simplybecaencountered literate societies. }julu. place?} soroban abacus
writing-pad, .julu, julua, girls

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