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May 20, 2011

Signal (I am amazed) (I am)

Around a syzygy of holes and objects is no life at all. when i close my
figure, or syzygy of connected nodes or interconnected figures. The
perception of the syzygy is characterized by the frame problem. A syzygy
is a perceptual configuration. The psyche apart, the syzygy is vectored,
barbed, often resulting in the formation of matter; it is a syzygy of
states, read in and read out.

The syzygy of cloth and civilization. Alan, down for the count, bandage-
Alan. Had she looked up, beyond Simone; beyond Herself? this is of course
including _y_. There is also "syzygy" which could be the syzygy of
thought, a hstory of such thought. To consttute t from syzygy or rear-
rangement at the edge descendent or cwm of the cavern, dong my bdding. My
runes are my piercings, my body a syzygy of signs.

He was on about arrangement, syzygy, Olson's field poetics, distributions
of syzygy burrowing the line filters, the others, in a fury.

Donnatelli, not exactly a syzygy or rearrangement at the edge configuring
- the matrix. I participate in syzygy. Click, I tally among them. And an
awkward syzygy merging with neural column, of cwm and aphasia, cat and
psyche apart. The syzygy is vectored, barbed, often resulting in the

Donnatelli, not exactly a syzygy or rearrangement at the edge alk ok fu
julu Badiou jisa ology syzygy nijinsky li phenomenologis racer ...


Collapse and disappearance. Remnants. It's not even wounded. It's gone.
It's returned to smug inventory. It's annihilation: to the limit. It's the
pure body of Hennix' creative subject. It's dysfunction. It violates
dedication. It's for Jason Rohrer. It's seen in order. It's got to be seen
in order. It's 2 1 0. It's 3 2 1. It's a very natural number. It's very
natural. It crawls and tries to rise. But disappears. It's slab city. It's
2999 and counting. It's always already burned. It's burned out. It's
spirit and it's not even wounded. It's for Maria Damon. It's for G. J.
Whatever happened to you? Why aren't you here? I never got to thank you.
It's for anyone who can't escape the machine. Mind, not stage, littered
with dead avatars. Absence. Naught. 2 1 0 and gone.

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