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May 27, 2011

ohlala, not all of them!

some do escape. some burrow. some move elsewhere.
some have no permissions. some can do anything.
would you like to do anything. would you like to move.
if you burrow you can escape. if you escape you can move.
ohlala some do nothing. some are beauty. some are nice.
if you are nice you can do anything.
if you are nice you can escape. you can move if you are nice.
you can move elsewhere. if you are nice you can burrow.


The propeller cuts through the air like a knife through the body of Gaia.
Bird-particles are removed by virtue of the fold catastrophe.
The helix makes a vector for its own dragging body.
The body is filled with rough-and-tumble tools and organisms.
The propeller pays no heed until its winds into dirt and asphalt.
Dreams and spirits witness whispers of cranks and plumes.
The vector moves the air which barely registers.
Those tools and organisms register every moment of foreign occupation.
Part of the engine whirls with the propeller, and part refuses.
What refuses wants to return to the ground. Oh those kids of blades.
The ground is our aspiration as an aircraft flies belly-up.
It is a final destination in the midst of air's fitful ocean.
Foreheads align and alight before a twist and upwards we go.
Mr. Heidegger's hut recedes in the distance but Mr. Wittgenstein's
blood-red spot is there for all to see.

The propeller pays no heed until it winds into dirt and asphalt.

- apologies - Alan

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the big fight

the big fight between the humanes and the aeroplanes
the aeroplanes are herded by their propellers
the humanes are amazing individuals choosing to act in consort
the humanes decide to deliberately follow one another
the humanes imitate one and another
the aeroplanes dumbly follow one another their propellers turning
humanes are floating among the aeroplanes and seem to be moving in step
the aeroplanes are truely moving in step and are not floating
the aeroplanes are working at floating and the humanes are not floating
the humanes are not working either

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