The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


Eternity exists for the foreseeable future.
It's the track of time, it's all you have left.
Eternity never continues but is always present for you.
It is always a gift from the futures, and among them, horizons.
Nothing beyond is ever retrievable or welcoming.
What you have left in your grasp is the symbol.
The symbol is always poor.
The symbol is always starving, always hungry, ghosts from futures.
What you move among is the symbol, what you see, hear, think.
The symbol is there for you, for the foreseeable future.
The symbol is this one or that one, the symbol of eternity.
Oh so among them and to write among them.
This is your body and moment, momentary.
This is among them and everything tends towards closure.
And closure is foreclosure, and for all eternity.
For all eternity after the foreseeable future.
The foreseeable future which is your own.

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