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June 3, 2011

solos for the ambush on all sides bass alpine zither bass alpine zither

solo for the mourning sanshin


Since I lost my YouTube account, I fought to get it back, but to no avail.
The charges were violation of Viacom and obscene videos. I 'won' the first
round against Viacom, at which point I was told my account would be rein-
stated. The charge then switched to the second. They said there were num-
erous videos, and named one which was not obscene. In fact, I was careful
with YouTube and none of the pieces put up were sexual at all. They
refused to name others and I was told I was in violation of a number of
laws. Instead of giving me further information - the nature of the
complaints, the list of videos, they first sent me cut-and-paste responses
and then no response at all. I've given up. There were around 70 videos at

I first heard about the take-down from a researcher, who was looking for
certain pieces. I hadn't posted for quite a while to YouTube and wasn't
aware the account was 'suspended' - which means closed fact.

Because of this and my own insecurities, again I urge you, if you're
interested, to download my works from - so
far no troubles at all, and from . The Net
is too corporate, too unstable, too hacked at this point. The latter site
contains all my music to date, except for two forthcoming releases - one
from FireMuseum, and one from ESP-Disk. There's lots of interest I think.
The former contains all my texts and a great number of videos, images, and

In any case, these sites are still good. For your enjoyment, two new
pieces of sound/music below:

Thanks, Alan


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