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June 14, 2011

A slow computer handling multiple applications and cutting corners.
Particle emissions speeding until the screen application is turned on.
Then slowing down from complex arcs and configurations.
The local particle dispersion calculations unable to keep up.
Down, down until configurations appear random and miserable.
Then starting over again after allowing configuration buildup.
On and on and on the dispersion-machine breaks through the habits of
On and on and on the world appearing as an unconscionable coagulation
and the poetry of _things_ is lost.
And darkness coming and something new and darkness coming as well.

Our 10th wedding anniversary! (I know, mentioned this on Facebook!)

Today's our 10th wedding anniversary, 12th year of living together. Azure
has been wonderful and I owe her everything. I'm lucky to have an amazing
daughter, Joanna, and good friends who will put up with my work for the
next few decades - who will put up with me in general. We're celebrating
on and off and going to Governor's Island on Friday and Chinese opera on
Saturday. A good week!

Thank you everyone! love, Alan

six-month anniversary of living together... 2007 July 14 - anniversary of
our wedding reception: Yesterday: this anniversary time afterwords,
remnants of necessary informal cere- ******our first anniversary. For me
an anniversary as Google goes (temporarily) over 100,000 w/ my our 7th
wedding anniversary) it's our seventh wedding anniversary today
Anniversary Anniversary

Warwick rehearsal shooting avatar setup / development trapped controlled avatar typical transformed avatar
mocap movement

For the upcoming Virtual Futures conf. at Warwick; I won't run camera or
video; warwick1 is a control video - how it should look and how it appears
from my end; warwick2 is a response video - what might appear; warwick0 is
an avatar closeup. The projection will combine installation with avatar
movement, perhaps seesawing back and forth. In any case, this is the mise
en scene or current 'state of the art' for me.

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