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June 26, 2011

Call for Submissions

Evental Aesthetics Vol 1. No. 1 . Hegelian Topics in Aesthetics

In an essay on Hegel's aesthetics, Paul De Man quips, .Whether we know it,
or like it, or not, most of us are Hegelians and quite orthodox ones at
that.. But what does it mean today to be a Hegelian within an environment
in which criticism has already deconstructed the institutions and values
that make the concept of art possible, and in which new art forms cast
into doubt the very ontology of art?

The inaugural issue of Evental Aesthetics begins with the premise that
Hegelian aesthetics are not only relevant but indispensable for making
sense of today.s art and art criticism. We therefore welcome essays that
attend both to Hegel's writings and to recent writers (for example, but
not limited to, Badiou, Malabou, and Vattimo) who have blazed new trails
within Hegelian discourse. We seek not hagiography but incisive,
thoughtful reflections - critical or favorable - on Hegel's legacy.

For Articles, suggested angles of approach include:

Hegel's thoughts on a specific form of art (music, architecture, painting,
poetry, etc.)
Hegel and abstract art
the 'end' of art
natural beauty as opposed to that of art
the aesthetics of and in Hegel's logic and phenomenology
the relationship between art, religion, and philosophy
relationships between Hegel's aesthetic theory and earlier or more recent
the pertinence of Hegel's thought to particular artworks.
Other ideas concerning Hegel's relationship with aesthetics are also

Authors of Articles should first submit an abstract, no longer than 500
words, outlining the aims and critical methodologies for the article. The
editorial board will review abstracts and extend invitations to selected
authors to submit full-length articles (4,000-10,000 words). Invitation to
submit is not a guarantee of publication.

Collisions for this issue may consist of:

Book reviews, addressing new translations of Hegel or new, original
monographs on Hegel and/or aesthetics
Reactions to artworks that may suggest Hegelian themes.
These brief responses may be between 1,000 and 2,000 words. Abstracts for
Collisions are not required.

Commentaries should address the articles published in this issue. We will
begin calling for commentaries after the articles have been selected.

Be sure to review our submission requirements, copyright policy, and
review procedures. Note that there are separate requirements for each type
of submission. Essays that do not meet these requirements will not be

Please send your submissions electronically, double-spaced in a legible
font, in accordance with The Chicago Manual of Style (footnotes, please).
We welcome either American or British spelling provided the submission
remains consistent throughout. Save your submission as a Word .doc file .
not .docx. (Word 2007 users, please use your 'Save As Word 97-2003
(Compatibility Mode)' function.) Below the title of your document, please
include at least 5 keywords that may be used as search terms.


Email your abstract or Collision to eventalaesthetics . at . gmail . dot .
com, by 1 August , 2011. Authors invited to submit complete articles will
be asked to do so by 1 October, 2011.


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